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News from the near to home front

There is a bundle of documents “On The Record” at the PACAC Select Committee parliamentary web site correspondence section (dated 22nd March 2023) relating to EA CEO Sir James Bevan’s response to an inquiry by William Wragg – Chair of PACAC Committee almost 1 year ago in July 2022 (See prior post and original letter)).

The basic problem here is that the bureaucracy will never, ever, admit a mistake. Therefore we can;t have a bureaucracy having much power over people, can we? It’s – writ small but perhaps not for those involved – the same as Horizon at the Post Office. If someone, early one, had said “Oops, cock up!” fixed it then proceeded then 98% of the problem wouldn’t have happened. But they never will admit to hte ooops, will they?

4 thoughts on “News from the near to home front”

  1. Some officials obviously don’t see handing over a license to print money to one of their mates when there’s already a another license holder as a mistake.

    What’s become clear is that the administrative remedy via The Ombudsman is inadequate. PHSO can snap on investigative elbow length rubber gauntlets with a public body but – they have no powers to enforce their recommendations. The misbehaving rotters know this and recent events at DWP wrt to women’s pensions is another case where dirty deeds have been done and not been remedied.

    Controls over bureaucrats are being actively diluted, loopholes left open, procedural tarpits laid out and the rungs of process ladders greased.

  2. SBML

    there was no mistake – the original license deed was flat out fraud. There’s a bunch of EA internal docs officials been determinedly hiding for s decade. If memory serves they even claimed at one stage they couldn’t release them as it might expose officials to criminal prosecution…. “pleading the 5th” if you like – go figure.

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