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Transgender activists confronted gender-critical Let Women Speak advocates leading to the standoff, with officers positioning themselves between the two factions.

#What does gender-critical actually mean? I know what it us being used to mean but ctirical in hte sense of “Hmm, I have a slight critique of your curtains to give” or critical as in Marxist critical studies or what? As I say, I know what they’re using it to mean – anyone not alongside currently fashionable ideas about gender. But where have they got it from, what’s their linguistic derivation?

5 thoughts on “NewSpeak”

  1. Transgender activists protest at women’s rally with ‘arm trans kids’ poster

    They never did tell us what was in child murderer Audrey Hale’s trannifesto, did they?

    How odd. I assume the media is working night and day to keep us informed.

    Trans rights demonstrators prominently displayed signs proclaiming “arm trans kids” and “trans joy will outlive you all”.

    41% of the time, it doesn’t.

    #What does gender-critical actually mean

    Trannies believe biological sex isn’t real, it’s all about “gender”.

    Radfems believe “gender” isn’t real, it’s all about the Patriarchy nefariously encouraging men to get breast implants.

  2. Seen today: “Rear Adm. Casey Moton, program executive officer for unmanned and small combatants”

    So the US Navy is hiring trannies and pygmies. That’s diversity, eh?

  3. To paraphrase Dave Chapelle: I don’t know what the fuck “gender critical” means but I do know that trans people make up words to win arguments.

  4. I took it to mean critical of the concepts of gender – both identity and experience.
    So GCs don’t agree with the concept of people having a “gender identity” – ie you can’t feel like a woman, you either are or are not a woman(adult human female)
    They also don’t agree with the expectations and behaviours of “genders” – ie you are a woman because you wear heels/skirts etc or like soppy
    Films. Or you are a boy because you like to climb trees or do “boy” things!
    A girl can climb trees, have short hair etc and still be a girl. It doesn’t mean she is a boy.

  5. What’s their linguistic derivation? They, the left, use a term to cover their own actions. Like Antifa claim yo be against fascism but are actually promoters of it. Same with Greens hiding their anti capitalist agenda. Similarly gender critical hides the fact that they are the ones attacking gender.

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