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Nice place at this time of year

Madeleine McCann detectives search reservoir visited by suspect Christian Brueckner
The search of the Barragem do Arade reservoir near Silves is set to last at least two days

7 thoughts on “Nice place at this time of year”

  1. It is amazing what a difference it makes with a photogenic kid & pushy connected parents. How many other missing kids are still the subject of international police enquiries? I wonder if they do actually have anything on the German or is he just a convenient victim? So they do find a body. So how would that tie it to him rather than the thousands of other people may have been in the area?
    I’m always suspicious of police & high profile cases. You spend enough effort, you can link anyone to anything, if you ignore all the things that don’t link.

  2. Went there once in early October. There will be kayaking, they said. When we got there, the kayaks were hanging at the end of their mooring ropes a long way above the surface. Just turned around and took our little boy to the castle in Silves. That’s a proper knights fortress. You keep expecting to be insulted by John Cleese in a French accent.

  3. I’ve had many happy – and, to be fair, puffy breathing – afternoons cycling over that dam, around that reservoir. There’s actually an old restaurant that I would happily buy – if I were richer – there too. To have as a cracker of a country house. But the idea that there’s any evidence of the coprse of a girl who disppeared what now, 20 years go?


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