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No, no they couldn’t

Black Californians could get $1.2m each in reparations

Don’t be ridiculous, we all know that’s simply not going to happen.

A Pew Research poll showed that 77 per cent of black Americans and 18 per cent of whites backed reparations.

That’s hardly surprising but it’s also why it’s not going to happen.

15 thoughts on “No, no they couldn’t”

  1. It would be an interesting suggestion that every black be assigned a “reparations account” and any benefits, subsidies, handouts etc received be totted up and deducted from the “reparations”. That would be an interesting exercise.

  2. 77 per cent of black Americans and 18 per cent of whites backed reparations

    I believe a solution has been presented to us. White Americans who back reparations can pay the blacks who demand them.

    I’d actually like to see California press ahead with reparations, just for the LOLs. I wonder how long it would take for the hand to be out again?

    The article quotes some minister who reckons they’re owed $200m each because that sum is “equivocal’ to the 40 acres an a mule apparently promised to free slaves.

  3. I winder what the percentage opinion is amongst Californian Hispanics?

    I’d be willing to bet it’s substantially less than the 18% woke White figure.

  4. I’d bet good money* that if somebody told you in 1993 what would happen in 2023, you wouldn’t have believed them. And rightly so, the future is very silly indeed.

    “The Conservative Prime Minister is an unelected Indian banker-midget whose main policy is getting us into trillions of debt to reduce emissions of a harmless trace gas, you say? And they did WHAT over a FLU?”

    Doing Zimbabwe things is foolish and self-harming, but it’s also part and parcel of having Zimbabwe style demographics. It’s very easy to imagine some US cities and states going full Tax the YT / Kill The Boer, because:

    (a) white Americans have no control over their government, are largely viewed unsympathetically by their Diverse replacements, and what little influence they have is declining in every election cycle as their numbers do; and

    (b) they already have legalised anti-white discrimination written into American federal and state law. Yanks who are unable to prevent their own children being treated as second class subjects in academia or government have no leverage to stop further racial resource grabs.

    The complete unaffordability, impracticability, and insanity of continuing to feed the racial spoils system doesn’t mean they won’t try. People get their dicks stuck in hoovers every day in the United States. It’s the country where, sadly, anything can happen.

    *a crisp new fiver

  5. What I heard was $1,2 million each
    they’ll plant some trees.

    I wonder which is more likely.

  6. 1.2m is pretty stingy and the sort of paltry figure that only a redneck racist would offer. 200m each is a fairer amount

    “The Rev Tony Pierce said the US had failed to honour the pledge to offer every freed slave 40 acres and a mule.

    “You know what that number is. You keep trying to talk about now, yet you research back to slavery, and you say nothing about slavery, nothing.

    “So, the equivocal number from the 1860s for 40 acres to today is $200 million for each and every African-American.”

  7. Even with the most optimistic of calculations, I only get £500,000 for 40 acres of land. Where do they get the extra two zeros from?

  8. ‘I wonder how long it would take for the hand to be out again?’

    Don’t be silly MC. It’d never go in!!

  9. Bloke In Scotland

    Somewhat pleasantly susrprised that only 77% of the people polled wanted free money.

  10. It’s the principle of the thing.
    Once that is admitted, any number you like can go in the debtors’ ledger of the resentment balance sheet. Where it will stay for ever.

  11. I saw that the population of Detroit has voted for a big handout to blacks. But Detroit is 80% black so who is going to pay for it?

    (Don’t say the 20%: I can’t imagine they’ll hang around.)

    My own reparations policy is the the blacks be given Alaska as long as they go to live there.

  12. California’s population is about 35% white, 40% Hispanic, 15% Asian, 5% black, and 5% others.

    Many of the whites are descended from Italians, Greeks, Portuguese, Middle Easterners and others whose families arrived well after the Civil War. Probably the white Californians most likely to have some family connections to slavery are to be found among the descendants of poor Oakies who came during the Dust Bowl.

    What could be fairer than taxing all those Asians, Hispanics, Italians, Greeks, Middle Easterners, and Oakies heavily to pay reparations?

  13. @ TD
    Well, itwould certainly be fairer to tax the Middle Easterners than the descendants of the English who abolished slavery a millennium ago and who spent heavily to abolish the Atlantic slave trade while the Arabs were happily trading and using slaves along the Indian Ocean coast. Slavery was not only practised but even legal in Saudi Arabia and several other Arab countries in my lifetime. I haven’t seen the outcry demanding that they should compensate former slaves (let alone descendants).

  14. @jgh – “Where do they get the extra two zeros from?”

    It must be from the offspring of the mules.

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