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No, not really

Much of the blame for that tumble has been placed on the overwhelming dominance of the giant tech firms: Google and Meta have vacuumed up the web advertising that was the bedrock of BuzzFeed’s economic model,

Buzzfeed worked on “native” advertising. That is, sponsored posts. Nothing, at all, to do with the display and search advertising dominated by those two.

But, you know…..

2 thoughts on “No, not really”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    Could it perhaps be that all of those mourning the fate of Buzzfeed and misattributing the cause of its demise are choosing to overlook the dreadfulness of its output?

  2. But if you’re a company deciding where to spend your advertising dollars, you might well decide that Google/Facebook offer a better proposition than Buzzfeed. So it is their fault, for offering a better product. How dare they!

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