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Now here’s delusion

Kortram said in a statement: “I want to start with the fact that I still stand by my original message and the pride that I felt when Calvin Klein invited me to model for their Pride Collection of 2022.

“For me, it is important that trans men get to see diverse representation. Representation that shows more than thin muscular bodies, whose top surgery (removal of breast) are nearly perfect.

“There are trans men who don’t want the surgery, don’t have access to it or are flat-out denied. Their bodies count too and deserve to be seen in brands, products and commercials that validate their life.

Advertising is about selling kit, not validating lives.

23 thoughts on “Now here’s delusion”

  1. Dennis, Gold Medalist In Unnecessary Snark

    Well, trans validation and promotion is working so well for Target and Anheuser-Busch that you have to admire Calvin Klein’s savvy.

  2. Remember when advertisers just wanted to sell you Skol lager or Aquafresh toothpaste, instead of insanity, mutilation and death?

  3. As far as I can see, it’s an easy way for punters to identify brands that don’t want their custom.

  4. The Meissen Bison

    The picture suggests that a “sports bra” will be less useful than an “Isambard Kingdom Brunel Underwired Super-Shaper Bra”. Are there possibly traces of the wonderful Gillette TV ad with its inspiring slogan: “The Best a Man Can Be”?

  5. Off topic but from a BBC story and unintentionally hilarious…

    “Sam Smith has apologised after stopping a concert in Manchester after just four songs, due to “vocal issues”


    Fans at the venue shared their disappointment on social media.

    “Absolute bummer….” added Will Dennigan.”

  6. How big is the market for fat hairy chested men / trans with boobs / moobs? Can’t imagine it’s great.

    And I thought there was an element of aspiration to advertising? Unless you aspire to be the bastard child of Diane Abbott and David lammy then I don’t see it

  7. Dennis, Correct And Therefore Hateful

    It’s worth noting that Target’s CEO, Brian Cornell, has never actually worked in a Target store, although it is noted on his Wikipedia page (hilariously) that “Cornell occasionally visits Target stores and asks guests about their shopping experiences.” He walked into the company as CEO.

    As with AB and the Bud Light debacle, what we have here are executives who have absolutely zero – or close to zero – experience in dealing with their actual customer base. Indeed, in both cases you can make the argument that they have little to no experience in dealing with their workers or front line managers as well. If what these companies are doing seems divorced from reality, it is because the executives of these companies are divorced from the reality of the businesses they run.

    Had AB asked its distributors, or if Target had asked its district managers, I’ll bet the idea of aggressively pandering to the TQ+ crowd would have not been received well. Then again, it just goes to show that if you find a company that is always bringing in outsiders to fill executive slots, what you’ve found is a company with a serious problem.

  8. I hadn’t seen the fuss over Bud Light, but now I have I still can’t understand it – surely no straight men drank that stuff anyway?

  9. I’m very pleased to report that it seems that the Bud Light refusal / boycott has reached the border of England and Wales. My wife recently visited our local shop (for us local people) and has seen Bud Light heavily discounted, much more discounted than beer there normally is, because it isn’t shifting at the normal price.

    I would suggest that there’s not enough tranny fans/Woken SS/chick with dick loving Lib Dems here to create much of a market for this now heavily tainted product. When even the local pissheads don’t want to buy your beer at ultra cheap prices it says a lot about how damaged the Bud Light brand has become.

    However, if Dylan Mullvaney is looking for another publicity gig to replace the Bud Light one then may I suggest that he puts himself forward as someone willing to publicise Britain’s Labour Party in the run up to the next General Election. If he did then he could to for the Labour Party what he did for Bud Light.

    However this does give me an

  10. Dennis, Your Guide To The USA

    I hadn’t seen the fuss over Bud Light, but now I have I still can’t understand it – surely no straight men drank that stuff anyway?

    In the USA Bud Light was the straight man’s beer. It was working class and male.

    For some reason ‘Mericans love (very watery) “light” lagers that I personally think are shit. It’s a mystery I’ve never figured out.

  11. In a weird way I can almost understand this marketing decision, although my comment only applies to “leisure” clothing and not piss-poor anyway watery beer etc.

    With apologies to any ladies present it is impossible to ignore the increasing number of land whales. Showing these munters someone who is even less attractive than they are might just encourage them to purchase a garment which will probably still fit irrespective of all the future bargain buckets.

  12. @Farenheit211
    I love the idea of getting Mulvanvey to advertise for the Labour party.

    However this does give me an
    Oh you tease.

  13. …what we have here are executives who have absolutely zero – or close to zero – experience in dealing with their actual customer base.

    Back in the day, we did things differently. I have a friend whose father rose to become the CEO of one of the big Canadian chartered banks – an illustrious career. He started at the bank as a teller – after he had a Harvard MBA and qualified as a Chartered Accountant. The process at the bank was that you started as a teller, and worked your way up – no matter who you were. I can guarantee he well knew typical customers, branch managers, and loan officers from personal experience.

  14. The British banks used to have a fast track. That started with 2 years in the cage. Same idea. Military’s been doing this for centuries of course. Every sergeant started as a private, every officer as a L jg

  15. Chernyy Drakon. That was an unintended tease. I meant to take that few words out but I got distracted by my eight year old wondrous turbulence and forgot.

  16. Meanwhile many of the commercials on TV showing family life are showing mixed race couples and families. Nothing wrong in that – except such families are a tiny proportion of the population.

  17. For some reason ‘Mericans love (very watery) “light” lagers that I personally think are shit. It’s a mystery I’ve never figured out.
    It’s fairly easy. UK used to have the same thing with beers like Starlight & Double Diamond. Enabled lads to go out on Friday & Saturday night & be seen quaffing double-figure pints without succumbing to alcohol poisoning. Now they do it with expensive bottled beers which must have foreign labels, even if bottled in Solihull. What’s important is to be seen drinking them.
    There’s a similar thing with spirits. I have a house bar with numerous bottles with the labels visitors insist are the only ones they’ll drink. All of them have been repeatedly refilled with cheap booze from Lidl. Sometimes I put a little food colour where needed. I also water anything isn’t drunk straight. So far, no one has ever adversely commented. They just keep happily swilling & demanding more.

  18. aarghh, nooo… can’t… stop…..

    Double Diamond works wonders, works wonders, works wonders
    Double Diamond works wonders,
    so drink one today.

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