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Police are examining what happened to monies left to the Scottish National Party (SNP) in deceased supporters’ wills, it has been reported.

Specialist officers are understood to be looking at £400,000 of bequests in recent years, including some declared to the Electoral Commission (EC) recently.

More than £1 million has been left to the SNP in wills since 2021, the Sunday Mail disclosed, including £246,000 from the estate of South African-born Estelle Brownrigg that was declared in January this year.

A source told the newspaper: “Large sums left to the party in wills are being looked at as part of the investigation. Huge amounts have been left over the years, including donations declared to the EC in recent months.

Blimey, how many caravans does anyone want?

12 thoughts on “Oh Aye?”

  1. And yet the SNP’s accounts (still unaudited because auditors are reluctant to go to jail) show they don’t have any money.

    Curious. How exactly did the perfidious English steal all that Independence Money?

  2. ‘Humza Yousaf ‘hasn’t spoken to Nicola Sturgeon’ since Peter Murrell arrest as he says ‘no refunds’ for donors’

    So they’ve pinched it all!!

    But Steve and Andy, when I look at a picture of Humza he doesn’t look like a Scotchman. He’s not even wearing a kilt. Is he the Englishman they’re looking for??

  3. Boganboy – Hamza is more Scottish than the Scots. He’s basically William Wallace, if William Wallace was the product of a consanguineous marriage and was a Pakistani who has never worked a day in his life and despises ‘white people’.

    It is very smart of the canny Scots to outsource their national liberation movement to Infosys.

    Next week, tune in to find out how Nicola Sturgeon is exactly like Golda Meir, apart from all the lying, theft, and criminal conspiracies.

  4. Do not place your trust in princes (or princesses for that matter).

    Old advice but still valid, if not more so, today.

  5. DiscoveredJoys – absolutely bollocks advice, mate.

    I’ve been trusting Prince since he dropped Purple Rain on us in 1984. (It got a bit weird in the 90’s with Occult Sex Symbol Prince, but whatevs.)

    Btw, this is what it sounds like when doves cry:

    Doo! Doo doo! Doo doo doo doo!

  6. Martin Near The M25

    Including the dead (differently alive) in political activity is very progressive.

    In the US they vote democrat. In jockland they raise caravan money.

  7. As Prince said “Maybe I’m just too demanding, to know where the money trail goes goes cold”

  8. How many caravans?

    Given that the one “picked up” was a fancy motorhome… 5 or 6?
    Them things are ‘spensive..

    Maybe one of their friends has some acreage to work?
    Those big lawnmowers are pretty ‘spensive as well and have a high resale value.
    Book as “equipment for maintaining the unique scottish landscape” ..

    It’s easy to “disappear” a couple of million using high-cost high-resale stuff like that.

  9. It really is a shame that bananas don’t grow that far north, isn’t it? The soil’s certainly fertile enough.

  10. The problem is that this is all pretty weak tea. A motor caravan here or stolen bequests there doesn’t amount to a handful of beans.

    The real money that the SNP has spunked away is the god knows how many millions on the undelivered and undeliverably ferries or the money for payment to Scottish businesses during COVID that has mysteriously disappeared.

    Quite where those millions-to-billions have vanished is anybody’s guess, but I suspect that McPlod won’t want to bother with that because that is the sort of “follow-the-money” exercise that ends up with Chief Constables taking early retirement and other investigators ending up in a shallow ditch at Glencoe.

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