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Nine-year-old boy died during lockdown following ‘sinister’ punishment regime
Alfie Steele died after being ‘repeatedly assaulted and beaten’ by his mother and her partner

Why are we not surprised that the last word there is not “husband”. Or, even, Alfie’s “father”.

Certain of the cats – lions for example – deliberately kill the kits on arriving as the new male on the block. To encourage earlier oestrus. Unlikely in humans but who knows…..

15 thoughts on “Oh aye?”

  1. TMB – Cats are beautiful, mysterious, independent, brave, curious, can see in the dark, and they poop outside.

    Cats are all for Freedom *and* for Pleasure. If the Blessed Ayn Rand came back tomorrow, she would probably be a haughty Persian cat.

    What is there not to admire about these fabulous fighting felines?

  2. Jimmers – I don’t want to brag, but I am a regular at the safari park.

    EM – I completely understand, but we shouldn’t allow the law to make signposts of human pain. Normal execution, speeding them towards God’s divine judgement, is enough.

    Flubber – the Romans were characteristically cruel (btw it’s amazing how much human misery and suffering the agricultural revolution unleashed, no?) but I’d never harm a poor innocent doggy.

    I would shake that dog’s paw and offer him a biscuit, then we’d both watch the drowning.

  3. I was mildly surprised when the partner turned out to be a bloke, at least I assume it was.

  4. Steve – The Romans were cruel by OUR standards but saw much of what they did as necessary to preserve their own version of society. Something to reflect on when discussing those who set out in boats to live a better life, mostly at our expense, in the UK. Some would say that our rejection of them is cruel.

  5. Suella Braverman

    Andrew Again what is this rejection of which you speak?

    Am I not doing enough to bring them all ashore?

  6. Wasn’t it only a couple of days ago a female MP was complaining about how traumatised she was because social services investigated accusations against her relating to her children. False accusations to be sure but then if you don’t investigate this is what happens

  7. @BniC:

    Ah yes, but the punishment IS the process. That’s what Stella Creasy was really cvnting about and politicians like her passed the legislation that she is complaining about.

    Truth is that they don’t like it when their own legislation is used against them, but she can’t say that outright…

    Legislation is only to be used against the little people…and political enemies / undesirables.

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