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Net migration may top one million this year, Home Office fears

Of course we’re wassist for even metioning this…..

15 thoughts on “Oh aye?”

  1. 90% of this is entirely legal. Yet no effort is made to encourage housebuilding to accommodate them, no cost benefit analysis is performed.
    Increasing population without increasing GDP means that average wealth is declining.

  2. Hi Phillip, please let us know what sort of paradise you live in, where there’s ‘no effort to encourage house building’. You see, every single square foot of land in my area is currently being covered in concrete for shoddy flats, and all I see on the horizon is cranes.

    I’d love to come live where you do.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    “90% of this is entirely legal.”

    Indeed. With millions on out of work benefits Boris dropped the minimum wage for immigrants to £23k and removed the obligations for employers to advertise here first.

  4. Bloke In Scotland

    Wonder if we’ll see any reports from the US where Title 42 (basically “we have an infection going on you can’t come in”) expires today. Reports of 10,000 crossings per day this week so far.

  5. “entirely legal” increasingly doesn’t matter anymore, because the British state has imported parallel jurisdictions and competing claims on the citizenry’s loyalty and obedience.

    The government is still pretty good at applying laws, rules, etc. to its captive English population, but they have little and declining control over the many, many Tower Hamletses they’ve planted across the land, and a very high percentage of new arrivals are ferals anyway.

    A State that can no longer fix potholes or guarantee heating in the winter may prove depressingly enduring, but there’s no real rule of law in a multiculted society, only the rule of the jungle.

    Vote Conservative, lads.

  6. Latest figure I saw for Oz was about 630 000. Of course they’re whinging about the housing shortage here too.

    Needless to say I think the error was to dump our old approach – they called it the White Australia Policy. The system required the immigrants be like us in appearance and culture, so they could more easily be subjected to cultural imperialism—-oops seduced into cultural appropriation.

    And naturally we imported those we thought WE needed. Not for example foreign uni students, who have the cash to come here and push for a permanent visa but lowly plebs who’d do the hard work like building houses.

    As it is, I believe we should definitely call a halt until we’re sure we can accommodate them. People who are perfectly capable of running their own affairs, like the Sudanese or the Yemenis, need not apply.

  7. It might not be racist to object to immigrants if you also equally object to importing raw materials and all other resources which we benefit from.

  8. WTF does that mean, Charles? We buy stuff they sell, we are not obliged thereby to give them a place to live.

    Japanese knotweed is an invasive species. Ditto Mink. Are not people of foreign cultures able to be invasive too, if they upset the normal way of things in a country?

  9. Overseas students and their dependents have been one of the biggest drivers, increasing by 76 per cent from 354,900 in 2018 to 626,600 in 2022

    Yes. One can see why your elite classes might have an interest in continued high immigration numbers. Your educational establishment must be doing very well out of this. And wqe must all support the old Alma Mater musn’t we?

  10. Yes bis. I do think that the loot the educational establishment get from this is a big factor in the nonsense continuing.

  11. @rhoda klapp

    I’m not saying we are obliged to provide a place for anyone to live: merely that if we provide a place for some but not others, then that can be racist.

    And people of foreign cultures are not of a different species. Why shouldn’t the normal way of things get upset from time to time? Are you claiming that we have already achieved perfection?

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