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OK, so here’s the task

Some work I’ve got to do. So, I need a list of – known to Americans so Phoebe Bridgers, Fiona whasshername is fine – ‘slebs likely to say silly things that I can follow on Twitter.

Yes, yes, I know. But the older dbase of people saying silly things – Vox, Huffpost, Salon etc – has become too much like shooting fish in barrels for my employers. So, I need a new sourcing of stories that are so stupid that they’re likely to mislead American teens and da youf.

So, your nominations. Must be a Twitter account, must be a sleb known to ‘Murican youf. With a propensity for saying stup0id things on mainstream subjects – yellow nails are in this week doesn’t count. Capitalism is to blame for climate change does.

So, your nominations?

15 thoughts on “OK, so here’s the task”

  1. I can’t help but would be very interested in an article of best government band of all time (State Broadcasters such as the BBC included).
    Obviously it would be quite a short list, and there might even be the odd one that covered their costs through record sales, merch and gigs.
    Only asking as I’ve been listening to The Last Farewell -Ship’s Company And Royal Marine Band Of H.M.S. Ark Royal
    There must be some American government music the public are at least a little fond of.

  2. AOC and Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders.

    You should see some of the silly shit they’ve been posting.

    Hasanabi. Vaush. If you can stomach the pedophilia.

    Soledad O’Brien.

  3. Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post

    Combines Full American Journalist Hauteur with slavish devotion to Biden and the Democrats

  4. Bongo

    Some state broadcasters have fantastic swing/Big Bands : in Germany WDR and HR Big Bands are superlative, Danish radio used to have a very renowned one but they may have disbanded after cost cutting. There is notionally a ‘BBC Big Band’ but they aren’t really official.

    I only know Teutonic versions, alas, but Bayerisches Rundfunk have a superb orchestra (BRSO) and the Austrian version RSO Wien is pretty good too. (Also Slovak Radio have a good one ).

  5. Alyssa Milano, Bette Midler, almost any Hollywood sleb really, leavened with some James Woods.

    Robert Reichs, of whom it has been said that most points go right over his head.

  6. Didn’t Dicaprio claim the usual Chinook winds were a sign of climate change when filming the thing with the bear

  7. You may pick up good material from reading the posts and, especially, the comments at David Thompson’s blog.

  8. Go to the ones above and see who they follow.

    There will be a treasure trove.

    Also Oprah and her guests on The View.

  9. Another idea: follow the Twitter account/website Libs of Tik Tok.

    Most of the bedlamites featured there will be insufficiently well known s, but some may be suitable for you.

  10. Pedro Pascal is something of a goldmine for the sort of thing you’re looking for. Especially with Chile currently going through its constitutional rewrite just as he’s leading two major shows.

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