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Rich folk, well I never

How a tech mogul’s murder exposed Silicon Valley’s underbelly of sex and drugs
San Francisco’s tech boom has fuelled a culture of debauchery known as ‘The Lifestyle’

You mean rich people shag and take drugs?

Well, well, I never…..

7 thoughts on “Rich folk, well I never”

  1. “In the past, people would exchange keys at the front door for swinger parties. Now people can use apps to check each other before the party

    It’s like LOGAN’S RUN, but for ugly dorks.

  2. I’m entertained to see that, having wrecked San Francisco, the mob are fleeing to Austin and Miami.

    No doubt they’ll vigorously tackle the evil rightist—–ooops fascist culture that pollutes those places.

    One feels sorry for the locals as they turn those evil, Trump voting places into proper leftist shitholes.

  3. As “Chaos Monkeys” author AGM wrote:
    “They won’t hold it against you if you’re a no-show at their wedding, and they’ll step right over a homeless person on their way to a mindfulness yoga class. It’s a society in which all men and women live in their own self-contained bubble, unattached to traditional anchors like family or religion, and largely unperturbed by outside social forces like income inequality or the Syrian Civil War.”

  4. Austin has a culture more like San Francisco’s than the rest of Texas, and they vote that way too.

  5. ZT

    Damn right. You can tell by the number of “homeless” people camping in the underpasses in Austin…

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