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Rilly? Have you?

A genetic feature of the Sars-CoV-2 which makes it so infectious, but has not previously been seen in other coronaviruses, has been identified in the wild by Chinese scientists for the first time.

Before the pandemic, a “furin cleavage site” had not been identified in a bat coronavirus, leading some to suggest that it had been artificially inserted in a lab.

Now scientists working for the Chinese Center for Disease Control have identified two betacoronaviruses – a class of virus found in bats and rodents – with furin cleavage sites and other genetic features similar to Sars-Cov-2.

Gosh. How interesting.

We believe you. Totally.

Genetic sequencing was performed on the stomach contents of 112 bats collected from caves in Hainan Province, China between 30 March and 1 April 2021, according to a study published in Science Direct last week.

Samples collected after the pandemic started then. Hmm.

9 thoughts on “Rilly? Have you?”

  1. But how does mere “science” – boffins arguing with each other, aspergishly – become an unquestionable axiom of Absolute Truth, aka “The Science™”?

    My guess is, if well connected people stand to make a few billion dollars out of it, it’s The Science™. The Chinese have no idea what they’re doing.

  2. The bug did not originate in a lab, the bug did originate in a lab.
    Masks don’t stop the virus, masks do stop the virus (then go back to square one).
    The jabs stop you catching the virus, the jabs don’t stop you catching the virus.
    Asymptomatics don’t spread the virus, asymptomatics do spread the virus.
    The jabbed don’t spread the virus, the jabbed do spread the virus etc., etc., etc.

    The science is settled.

  3. Addolff,
    From your statements the following seem correct.

  4. Darwinism. What makes any pathogen infectious is the characteristics that make it most adaptable to its environment.

    Where a respiratory virus produces only very mild symptoms, its presence will go unrecognised will not incapacitate its host. It goes unrecognised particularly during the initial infectious phase ( 2 to 3 days) so the infected person does not self-isolate, and since they will be mobile they will shed the virus widely. By contrast a virus which produces severe symptoms will quickly be recognised and cause its host to become immobilised as they rest at home or in bed. This limits chance of transmission.

    The characteristics of CoV2 which made it so transmissible were its extremely mild symptoms particularly in the youngest and thus most active and mobile. It proved serious and fatal in those who were least active and mobile, sick people and the elderly and inform, which made little difference to transmission.

    It is however no more infectious than other respiratory viruses, many of which are even milder in effect.

    The furin cleavage site makes it more successful at cell penetration, but that does not make it more infectious because before it can penetrate cells it has to infect tte individual and that is down to how many new virus copies can be spread and how widely, thus how many new hosts, which is a feature of the condition of the infected host.

    The continual lack of clarity about terminology and viral behaviour has driven this whole CoVid nonsense, like the more infectious the more dangerous whereas it is the reverse.

  5. The Daily Telegraph Global Health Security team


    That bunch of charlatans have happily taken their “sponsorship” payments throughout.


    Back on 23rd March, you-gov had just 7% of us down as sceptics/nutters: an unbelievable 93% fully supported Johnson’s batshit lunacy, that was the power of the deliberate psychological manipulation taking place at the time. If this sort of crap is never going to happen again, we need as many as possible to understand what happened, no matter how long or by what process it takes? The other side are only going to up their game for next time. My two pennies…

  6. The Chinese have no idea what they’re doing.

    Pretty sure the Chinese know (or suspect) that it was developed in the Wuhan lab and got out. Everything else is a cover-up of the original error. They don’t want to be held accountable to their own people for what they did, never mind anything else, so the cover-up goes on.

  7. I was reading an article about studies into how bats survive in northern climes when there’s over 20 hours of daylight and they said in the article that they had suspended research as they were worried about spreading Covid to the bats

  8. Only thing it proves is that the specific mutation exists in nature. In the area most of the samples the chinese alledgedly used were taken from. Which they then used in the Lab on the Slab.

    It only debunks the notion that that particular feature was specifically engineered.
    Which no-one with any actual knowledge about these things thought highly unlikely to begin with.
    We simply don’t know enough of the specifics of how those proteins actually work to target mutations that way.
    If the chinese (or anyone else) magically could, they would have had no need to go hunting for batshit to begin with.
    Nor would they have needed the tons of special, and Very Expensive, mice and rats.

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