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Studio Denies Laying Off Artists For AI After Fans Spot Character With Six Fingers

Sheesh. People who use computers complain about computers.

Why aren’t you outside playing with a stick?

8 thoughts on “Sheesh”

  1. “In one case a character had six fingers, while in other pics character’s clothing and hair appeared to clip and end in strange places, both tell-tale signs that an image had been computer-generated.”

    Those are “who let the Intern play with the Buttons” levels of game crud. Nowt to do with AI, and some games that have been running for years ( content created well before AI was even in the picture ) still have that stuff in them.

    Everything else in the article just points to the simple fact that all is as usual in the korean gaming scene.
    Super-duper, graphics-card straining levels of detail and Awesomeness on debut and the first expansion.
    Then when people have spent their money and are “Invested” to the Grind ( and ohboy…korean games are pay-to-win grindfests…..) , they fire most of the expensive staff, and farm development out to the lowest bidder for future expansions, with the resultant drop in quality on all fronts, and keep in raking the money coughed up by the “Fans”.

    Must have been a Slow News Day at Kotaku if they even pick up on this…

  2. Setting aside the standard 4-fingered cartoon critter, I’ve seen an accidental hexadactyl in animation from c2005. It happens.

    Which is one of the reasons generative art has these issues – GIGO strikes again.

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