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Shoulda built the wall I guess

Joe Biden sends troops to Mexico border amid migrant surge fears

13 thoughts on “Shoulda built the wall I guess”

  1. It’s like our own government promising to ‘stop the boats’, Tim.

    Immigration is amazingly complicated stuff and all of our laws, institutions and technology are easily defeated by illiterate retards in dinghies, would you believe?

    But thankfully the British government is still confident in its ability to solve less complicated issues, such as global weather patterns.

  2. Problem is governments try to deal with this without addressing the fifth column of pseudo charities, lawyers and assorted middlemen who make a fortune out of manipulating the immigration system and spinning out appeals

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the smugglers have links to these folks

  3. Yeah Steve. Just recently I saw that Albanese is going to ‘streamline’ our immigration system. All the complex ad hoc decisions will be merged into a set of nice simple laws. And of course, those on temporary visas will find it much easier to make them permanent.

    Surprise, surprise!!!

  4. The government isn’t sorting out the boats because it doesn’t want to.
    Why it doesn’t want to is anyone’s guess. Importing labour voters? Ingrained hated of British culture? Following Wef orders? All of the above? None of the above?
    If the government wants something, it will do it.
    Look at El Salvador – want to solve gang violence? Lock up the gangs. Simples.
    Or, for an example close to home, scared of a mild flu from China? Force 99% of people to cower at home while printing silly amounts of money and threatening people with prosecution for having a cup of tea in the park.

    The government just plain doesn’t want to stop the boats.

  5. Why it doesn’t want to is anyone’s guess.
    Oh it’s not hard to guess. Solving it would require tough policies. Which would produce bad optics. Cue TV footage of children & weeping women. Immediate bad optics trumps long term dissatisfaction.

  6. So we are sending troops to our already “secure” border. Why? The head of DHS testified under oath that it was secure. Our president touts its security in his speeches.

    Laws to control immigration are already on the books. The will to enforce them doesn’t exist.

  7. That’s why Tony Abbott’s policies against the boat people worked, bis.

    They were in the habit of threatening to sink their boat just off shore in Indonesia, and notifying the Oz ambassador that they were going to do so. Johnny Howard, after ignoring one with all the consequent fuss, caved in and had them picked up. The Indonesians naturally refused to have them back so we were stuck with them.

    Tony of course simply ignored the threat. Some were saved, since they were just off shore, but some drowned, to colossal publicity. Which, unlike Johnny, Tony also ignored.

    They next tried sailing outside of Indonesian waters and heading for Australia. Tony had them towed back. The tale I also heard was that he bribed the boat owner as well. Many years after the fuss, an Indonesian boat owner was released from an Aussie prison. I presume he was there to show what the alternative was.

  8. O/T
    PacWest Bankcorp, Western Alliance, Metropolitan Bank…
    Looks like the contagion is spreading. Oh to be a vulture.

  9. I am reminded of the short period when the vile Amber Rudd was receiving deserved kickback for her policy of fast-tracking bearded immigrants masquerading as children.

    Her response was to erect barriers round the processing centre thereby prevent further photos of the grinning 30-somethings being taken.

  10. @boganboy
    I suspect there will eventually be a backlash. And it may not be pretty. I’m still in touch with people over in the rainswept isle of ugly women. Most of them the working geezer class. The sort of messages & memes floating around have become progressively more extreme & ugly. There’s things being applauded as amusing would have been regarded as extreme a few years back. For by their jokes do you know them. Except one day it may stop being humour. And if it goes that way, there’s not the slightest chance of the police keeping a lid on it.

  11. 1. There’s no problem. In fact, you’re racist for making that claim.

    2. Not only are you lying about this problem, but it’s a dangerous lie, so we need to punish you and make you afraid to make this claim.

    3. Haha, everyone point and laugh at these douchebags making these claims. They’re probably virgins who are secretly gay. “Look at me, I’m pointing out a problem because I’m so cool.”

    4. Even if there really is a problem, that’s a good thing somehow. We should all support the problem, because we’re good people.

    5. Okay, there’s a smidgeon of truth to your claim, but you’re severely misrepresenting the facts.

    6. Okay, there’s a good bit of truth to your claim, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trusting us. We still care about you, and we’re always trying our best. You still don’t want to be associated with that other team, do you?

    7. [Silence and censorship for about 8 months]

    8. Oh wow. Hey guys, we’ve just discovered there’s a big problem. All hands on deck. We need an entire news cycle with the big corporate networks talking about this. But don’t you worry, because we’re the experts and if the other guys were in charge they never would’ve caught this.

    9. Yes, we’ve been having a lot of trouble solving this problem, but who could’ve seen this coming? Sometimes these things just crop up and you have to do what you can to lessen the impact. I can’t help the fact that we have so much racism and transphobia and climate change that causes all of these issues.

    10. After a month of hard work, we’ve finally decreased the problem by 5%. The other team wasn’t doing anything to help us. In fact, they caused this problem in the first place and didn’t even keep an eye on it. You’re saying they did? Well then, show me just one news article mentioning that. Okay, that article you showed me is Fox News, so forgive me for not taking you seriously. No, I didn’t tell the other networks to ignore the problem initially. Everyone point and laugh at this conspiracy theorist.

    11. Vote for me! I caught this problem right away and took it on with my crack team. The other guy was just letting the problem become bigger and bigger while you all suffered. How despicable.

    We’re at step 8.

  12. Our government doesn’t SOLVE problems. Think about it, what is the last time a problem was solved, actually finished as a problem without just changing into a bunch of other problems? Admit it, you can’t think of any instance at all.

    Government ‘tackles’ problems. And the problems go on being tackled for ever.

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