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So we’re all dead already then?

Toxic cocktail of drugs and pesticides found in 80pc of rivers

Or do you mean could be toxic if there were more of it? Like that dihydrogen monoxide stuff?

5 thoughts on “So we’re all dead already then?”

  1. Maybe they should ban fire as well. After all too much of it can be very dangerous indeed.

    Ooops. They’re already trying to do this.

  2. @ Arthur the cat
    When I was a child my father told us that it should be safe to drink from streams above the sheep line (i.e. higher up the mountain than sheep go).

  3. Analytical science detection limits improve by about 3 orders of magnitude every 20 years. We can now routinely see concentrations of chemicals in water at the level of parts/quadrillion i.e. 1pg/l whereas we used to have detection limits in the 1970s of ppm or mg/l.

    A pg/l is equivalent to a few seconds in 100 million years which means that scientists are now capable of finding pretty much any chemical that has ever been synthesised in water.

    However, remember Paracelsus – “It’s the dose that makes the poison”
    Apart from a few exceptions this is still true today

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