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That rule of law thing

From a PR email:

Dear friend of openDemocracy,
A Tory MP arrested on suspicion of rape, among other charges, in May 2022 has been free to continue working in his community.

Clearly we’re meant to think this is an outrage.

Umm. Trial first then punishment? Someone’s charged, out on bail, and, well, you know, we punish him when – if – he’s found guilty.

But then civil liberty, the rule of law, they are different from democracy, aren’t they? Rather more important too even if Carla from OpenDemocracy doesn’t think so. But then that reflects upon Carla…..

6 thoughts on “That rule of law thing”

  1. This won’t stop until we start secretly funding kids to claim that Carla from OpenDemocracy fiddled them. The only way to make them understand what enormous cunts they are is to do unto them as they do unto others.

  2. A single glance at the titles of the half dozen articles on their front page tells you everything about their political position.

    No thank you.

  3. Surreptitious Evil

    Sorry, I thought that the modern point about accusations of rape was that refusing to believe them automagically was worse than commuting sexual assault yourself? Retraumatising the victim or something. No woman ever lies about rape (etc, etc.)

    You shouldn’t be allowed a trial in front of a jury who might not convict you. You just go in front of a judge for sentencing.

    At least that’s what Humza Useless has been told to implement by his controller.

  4. One has to wonder why it’s a year after the accusation & still no trial. It’s not like it’s a complicated fraud case. She accused, is there any evidence, test it in court.
    But then courts are run mainly to keep the legal profession lucratively earning.

  5. @ SE
    “automagically” is a brilliant (and, in this case, appropriate) addition to the English language. I wish I could think up things like that.

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