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The lower end of the market

I seek a creative copy writer to develop short tiktok video scripts for stock market companies.

Here is an example of the script style we are looking for.

That’s a fairly, umm, pumpy video they’ve made.


Brigadier has entered into a contract with RazorPitch Inc. to, on a non-exclusive basis, assist in improving visibility of the company to the investment community through the distribution of media on various online channels. Under the terms of the engagement, RazorPitch Inc. has been retained for one month, commencing March 20, for a total of US$7,500.

Now, whether this is the lower end of the stock market or of the PR market is up to you….

1 thought on “The lower end of the market”

  1. So that was the first Tik Tok video I’ve watched. Spivtastic. I’d run a mile from any investment marketed in that fashion.

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