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The problem with this writers’ strike

They’re not actually complaining about not enough pay. They#re complaining about too much competition.

“It’s really about cobbling together a living,” she said. “Even though people look at what we’re paid, they have to understand that last year I only had one [writers’] room for ten weeks.

“I essentially lived off what I made for ten weeks and one other project.”

Increasing the pay will only increase the number of people attracted into being the competition, won’t it?

4 thoughts on “The problem with this writers’ strike”

  1. So, she’s striking for more pay when she can live for a year – in California – on what she was paid for ten weeks work “and one other project” (implicitly small as she didn’t get a room for it)?!?
    How many people would not dream of that level of pay? (Apart from Bill Gates and the rest of the 0.1%)

  2. I’m writing a novel. The plot and the opening line are terrific. The rest needs more work. Maybe I should hire one of these bozos.

  3. OK, scriptwriting is so competitive you might only find work for less than 1/4 of the year, but at the same time so lacking in competition that you can live on less than 3 month’s earnings. How do we reconcile this? Easy; these people are full of shit, as you know from their output.

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