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This is a union that’ll last a long time

CNET Workers Unionize as ‘Automated Technology Threatens Our Jobs’

Don’t we all just cower at the pwer of the Buggy Whip Makers’ Union?

7 thoughts on “This is a union that’ll last a long time”

  1. journalists at Futurism revealed that CNET had published articles written by AI instead of by its writers—articles which contained a multitude of extremely basic errors

    Ah, but the question is; is that more or less errors than the meat heads at Futurism? Anyone like to guess?

  2. The most iconic strikes over the past decades, the miners, Fleet Street printers and Grunwick film processors, all show the futility of striking to preserve jobs in the face of progress.

  3. To add to Nautical Nick’s list, what about the women sewing seat covers at Ford’s Dagenham plant who went on strike for equal pay?

    I live in hope that train drivers will go the same way.

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