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This is good but only goodish

That idiots lose their seats is a good thing:

The leader of a cathedral city council has lost his seat after his proposals for a “crazy” traffic filter scheme sparked a furious Tory rebellion.

Ben Fitter-Harding said it had been an “honour to serve” and he wished the “very best” to the new administration at Canterbury City Council as the Liberal Democrats won both spots in the Chestfield ward.

The Conservative politician had been widely criticised for his controversial plans to ease congestion by banning people from driving directly from one area of the city to another.

Residents and tourists would face as-yet undisclosed fines for travelling across boundaries, via automatic number plate recognition cameras, unless they ventured out on to a new ring road, which would turn some one-mile trips into 10-mile ones.

That the people have decided they do not wish to be afflicted by such idiocy is called democracy.

But electing Lib Dems to be against such idiocy is, well, it’s possibly not quite the right way to go to achieve the desired end game of not having such idiocies…..

8 thoughts on “This is good but only goodish”

  1. “possibly not quite the right way to go to achieve the desired end game of not having such idiocies….”.

    Unfortunately, no matter what colour rosette they wear, they all believe in net zero so will push these policies through one way or another. Wait for the Nick Clegg moment…..

  2. Idk what the dolphin and whale watchers are saying yet, but it looks like the Tory vote did what you’d expect – didn’t show up (or were among the pensioners killed in 2020 as a result of the British government “fighting Covid”).

    The Lib Dems and Greens did turn up, because they’re too stupid/perverted to be completely disillusioned by politics yet.

    Labour did well (postal votes are still good innit), but not that well. There’s no great enthusiasm or warmth felt for them outside Sue Grey’s size XXL knickers.

    They should be recording cricket score leads against this government, but they’re not and apathy was the overwhelmingly preferred choice of about of the electorate. Nobody likes Sir Queer. They don’t feel like a government in waiting, they feel more of an unpleasant inevitability, such as when you’re in the waiting room of a dental surgery run by clowns.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Protest voting is virtually cost free in local elections so people don’t really bother to think about who they’re voting for, as demonstrated by that guy who’s been elected in 2 different places.

    Plus, it’s being blamed on voter suppression in the form of ID cards but the other form of protest is not bothering to vote, and that was fairly high by local election standards from what I gather.

  4. I voted only to keep the LibDems out but failed at that. So now there will inevitably be a dirty brown cabal of Green & Yellow in this area making even more fuss about building Sizewell C 🙁

  5. In Sheffield the *ring* *road* is included in the city centre emissions control area. So, when trying to avoid the city centre, or just ordinarily going a destination that requires getting to the other side of the city, you are trepped into going into the city centre control zone even though you are doing everything to avoid going into the city centre.

    “Get a bus!”
    But I’m not trying to go from X to Y, I’m trying to go from X to eg Grimsby *via* the motorway junction at Y.

  6. Bloody hell jgh, even Bradford Clowncil haven’t included the Ring Road in our Clean Air Zone. As stupid as England and Pinchcliffe and the rest of the “elected” numpties that make up our rotten boroughs are, they’re not that stupid!

    And I don’t even drive, it’s bad enough surviving as a pedestrian…

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