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This is truly remarkable

Euronext is pleased to exclusively offer to private investors the option to access the Euronext Cash Market Notices online at a discounted price of €12.50 (VAT included) per notice.

Samples of the different type of notices here.

Non-private investors that wish to subscribe to the Euronext Cash Market Notices are invited to contact our Licensing Department at [email protected].


This is announcements to the market from a listed company. Things like – share splits, results announcements. And the stock exchange tries to charge you to read them?


3 thoughts on “This is truly remarkable”

  1. @Southerner – no point in Tim bursting that logical bubble/ load of old guff, the people who commented on the original article did that already.

  2. “ €12.50 (VAT included) per notice”

    Do they really mean per notice (rather than per class of notice)? So they get people signed up, then increase the number of footling notices that listed companies have to issue, and in rolls the money?

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