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This would not be my – limited – experience of employment, no

Selfish male bosses are to blame for bad business performance while their female counterparts are perceived to be just victims of bad luck, according to a new academic study of gender stereotypes.

A joint study by the University of East Anglia, University of Melbourne and Monash University in Australia found that “benevolent sexism” – where women are seen as “affectionate and delicate individuals who need to be protected” – was widespread in the workplace.

It’s back to that old cliche. A patriarchist one no doubt but my observation all the same. Once men have sorted out the hierarchy then it’s sorted. The fighting about it is intense but time limited. Among women it’s an ever ongoing nightmare.

Which means that working for women can be an ongoing nightmare of hierarchical imposition and maintenance. Entirely, in fact, the opposite of the usual thoughts on this point. Pettiness and argument purely for the point of emphasising superiority is rife and continual among female managers.

Purely personal observation. The lads quickly work out who is boss (which, of course, does not nee to be the one with the title) and that largely gets set in stone. With women it’s a continual fight.

6 thoughts on “This would not be my – limited – experience of employment, no”

  1. As ‘The University of East Anglia’ is home to the (in)famous ‘Climate Research Unit’, I consider anything emanating from the place to be bullshit.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    I once had a female boss on a project and she refused to have women on the team unless she’d personally vetted them. In her view women were too high maintenance when you’re under pressure. She was good as well, didn’t take any shit from senior management and was a good leader.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    women are seen as “affectionate and delicate individuals who need to be protected”

    Alissa Heinerscheid?

  4. Male self-respect/personal status and hierarchy are not identical. In schools one has prefects (hierarchy) sports stars and top in exams/lessons, in adult life one has hierarchy/success in employment/self-employment (business/politics/government), professional/academic success/status, sport (yes that continues: I was amazed to learn that there are many over-90 decathletes).
    Many, usually most, of the lads aren’t too worried about who is the boss as long as they can get on with doing *their* job. It’s only when the boss is messing up their ability to do their job that they get annoyed.

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