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Why Is It So Hard For Trans People To Find A Respectful Hookup Online?

One answer could be that a hook up isn’t a particularly respectful thing.

I’m a transfag on tesosterone but I still read to most people as a woman and I have breasts.

That might be an influence too……

29 thoughts on “Umm”

  1. Because you’re 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the population, so the exactly how many people out there do you expect there to be?

  2. Good god, after accidently starting to read the article, I’d revise my size of the pool downwards.

  3. I understand that a trans man is a woman but what the hell is a trans fag? As this one apparently has breasts (inconclusive) and takes testosterone (99% conclusive) it appears they’re just two gals.

    I wonder if anyone has ever considered making a film about 2 lesbians who fancy a bloke for a change. Throw in a bit of ethnicity and it could be a winner.

  4. Ah!! You don’t know either John. I thought it was just because I lived out in the sticks.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    I thought a trans fag was someone who self identified as a cigarette*, but I haven’t got a constitution as strong as jgh’s so didn’t check.

    *Why wouldn’t I, there’s so many other crazy self identifications

  6. Tyra – 47 year old trans lesbian from Pennsylvania. Sounds like a total catch. How is he / it still single?

  7. Dennis, Gender Solid

    When my partner and I decided we wanted to seek out casual sex partners, we were hopeful. On a trip to Los Angeles, feeling frisky, free and full of vacation vibes, we put up an ad on Lex, a text-based platform for queer people of all genders besides cis men.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  8. A trans woman is a man.

    A lesbian fancies women.

    Have I been a trans lesbian all this time without know it? I thought I was just a normal bloke.

  9. I should add that I have read the comments here and skimmed some of the linked article but I still don’t have a scooby…

    I did laugh at the complaint that dating apps are prejudiced against wibblegenders because they are coded by heterosexuals males. Easily solved then! Learn to code.

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  11. It should obviously get in touch with our own M inna F, (whatever his name is) if it’s looking for something old, fat & perverted.
    And congratulations for giving up smoking.
    I didn’t realise Huffpost was still going. Thought it went bust. Only a matter of time.

  12. When my partner and I decided we wanted to seek out casual sex partners, we were hopeful.

    Last night, I dreamt I went to Manderley again.

  13. One reason might be because they often try to solicit straight guys on straight dating apps. Their profiles pop up on my feed about once every three months. Just another example of how it’s not about identity for them, but moreso attention, persuasion and coercion.

  14. It’s the same as demanding you use the correct pronouns. They demand to be sexually desired just because they say it’s so. I claim I’m a lesbian so suck my lesbian dick.

    As for the couple – tits chopped off here, other tits grown there, fake dicks real dicks – a complete mash up. Why the surprise at the lack of decent interested men?

  15. tried to read the article – gave up in disgust. Seems they’ve no respect for themselves or each other or anyone else. Suspect a sex robot would have more emotional intelligence than this pair of freaks.

  16. John: “I understand that a trans man is a woman but what the hell is a trans fag?”

    In: questions we can answer… ( and one thats based in actual science and research..)

    About half of the people who transition from female to male due to actual, properly diagnosed, body dysphoria have a serious problem: They still get their rocks off on the opposite original biological sex.

    Still a lot of serious research needs to be done ( and damn the sniggering..), but available evidence points to the fact that while the circuitry that determines sexual attraction and “gender identity” do reside in the same deep region of the brain, but are wholly independent of each other.

    This gets you the situation where one can be wonky (the sexual attraction bit), while the other is working as intended, giving us the “L”and “G” in the letter salad.
    And quite a lot of the actual ( not the fashionable..) “T” run into the problem that even when they physically transition to the sex/gender their brain tells them they are, yet are still attracted to the “opposite” gender.

    Which gives us the Transfags: F–>M “males” that still are attracted to males.
    Which, as one can imagine, gives some trouble with the 98%-ish percent of heterosexual males, and serious trouble with the 1-2% actual gays who generally don’t like “Fake men”.

    So yeah… if you want to avoid the Will-Do-Anything-If-It-Breathes scene, and are looking for a respectful partner broadminded enough to deal with all that…
    That’s some long odds there…

  17. I haven’t clicked to the article. But are we all quite sure that this isn’t another Sokal hoax? There might be some deep buried clue in it somewhere.
    The idea that it is already in a relationship with a vaguely human thing raises doubts. If the publication pays people to write this sort of thing that’s even more suspicious.

  18. They can’t accept themselves as thy are, yet expect the rest of the world to accept them. A heterosexual man or a lesbian is interested in women with women’s bits. Reverse this for the other way around. So a man who looks like a woman isn’t going to appeal to lesbians – despite the screeching from the trans activists, nor is a straight man going to be interested. A particular type of bisexual man might be – these men have a fetish for transwomen and are known as admirers. It’s very much a minority sport though. As for those who are interested in trans men, I dunno, are there female admirers who swing both ways?

    Either way, tough, frankly. You are not entitled to sexual favours from anyone.

  19. So yeah… if you want to avoid the Will-Do-Anything-If-It-Breathes scene, and are looking for a respectful partner broadminded enough to deal with all that…

    Sounds perilously close to pansexualphobia (panphobia?), Bigots

  20. John @1:01pm. I understand* that there are many videos already made and easily found on t’nternet which show two lesbians getting attracted to a male. Sometimes even a black male.

    * From a friend.

  21. “As a trans person navigating these hookup apps, it too often feels like I’m making do with an app that wasn’t created for people like me in mind.”

    Nothing was created for people like you in mind. Not a single bastid thing in the whole frickin cosmos.

  22. Our very own Timmy tried to show us how to be polite in such circumstances with his: “Hold your hands over your mouth while you giggle.” That is just too damn hard sometimes because I end up spitting in my hand while uncontrollably guffawing.

  23. It helps them not at all that you can predict that they are carrying every known transmissible disease. If you’re exchanging bodily fluids with multiple people every weekend, stay way over there, please.

  24. Terence (the great Roman playwright) explained two millennia ago that, because he was human, he found no form of human behaviour to be odd. But Terence didn’t have access to the Internet.

  25. John and SadbutMadLad – isn’t it called Emmerdale (or maybe Coronation Street)?

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