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We can guess the non-partisan and the facts here, can’t we?

The founder of Politico is launching a new nonprofit news organization that promises to help jumpstart the careers of the next generation of Washington journalists.
Politico founder and publisher Robert Allbritton has already committed $20 million to launch the Allbritton Journalism Institute, a non-profit educational organization that says it will train aspiring reporters from different backgrounds and who have different views to create “fact-based, non-partisan journalism on government and politics” that is “both empathetic and brutally honest.” The institute will launch a yet-to-be-named news organization that will publish work from the fellows, as well as well-known reporters and editors who will serve as mentors.

It’s vital medical care not sterilising kids, something is wrong the government must do more, capitalism is the climate change problem, higher minimum wages don;t cause job losses – sheesh, we can write the manifesto all by our lonesome.

6 thoughts on “We can guess the non-partisan and the facts here, can’t we?”

  1. “jumpstart”: yep, the first lesson in journalism is to master the hackneyed expressions. The second is not to say “mastered”. Because “mastered” could be a ticking time bomb.

  2. Why not take on Ash Sarkar, literally a Bolshevik? Might give us a break from the Elysian intellectual cripple

  3. fact-based, non-partisan journalism on government and politics

    Wasn’t that what Politico is meant to produce? Is Allbritton admitting Politico has a huge left/progressive bias?

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