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We know what Mark Drayford means here

The UK could break apart unless it is rebuilt as a “solidarity union” where every citizen’s rights to public services and financial security are protected, the first minister of Wales, has warned.

He’s run out of Welsh money to spend in Wales so he’s insisting on having more English money to spend in Wales. Otherwise he’ll take his ball home.

16 thoughts on “We know what Mark Drayford means here”

  1. Drakeford managed to underspend last year and returned £155 million back to the Treasury.

    Man’s a typical Labour politician in power – a power crazed twat.

  2. We’ve had 70 odd years of Welsh and Scots nationalists saying how much they hate the English and occasionally attacking them or burning down their houses, but it’s neoliberals who are responsible for the problem? FFS.

  3. First minister of Wales says bonds that tie UK together have come under ‘sustained assault’ from 40 years of neoliberalism

    This is obviously just lies, but the wicked usually project, so there’s a grain of truth in it.

    The bonds that tie the UK together have come under sustained assault from people like Mark Drakeford:

    Mark Drakeford passionately defends £1,600 a month payment to young refugees

    When they’re not banning your central heating, personal transportation and livelihood, they’re paying illiterate foreign rapists to come and live in a Travelodge near your children. At your expense.

    Anti-Communist Romanian lions.

  4. I am all for every citizen’s rights to public services and financial security being protected. That would have to mean English citizens having the same access to public services as the sheep-fuckers and the porridge wogs. Currently this is not the case. Let’s have the same public sector spending and the same services for every citizen.

  5. What MC said, plus a real distinction between what citizens get and what others get. In favour of the citizen, this time.

  6. “… a United Kingdom in which sovereignty rests in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland …” but not England.
    “Democracy” is where the party decides who gets a vote and the rest of us have to suffer the consequences

  7. Drakeford may be even more nauseating than Murphy or Owen Jones:

    Here’s an excerpt from the article Steve referred to in his as usual peerless contribution:

    An incredulous Mr Drakeford retorted that it was “plainly nonsensical to imagine that some poor child in a war-torn part of the world thinks they will embark on the astonishingly perilous journeys that people make, to come to Wales, because a tiny handful of children are beneficiaries of our scheme here” adding that it was “shameful” that they should “make those children the object of a nakedly political attempt to make this another dog-whistle issue for the sorts of voters to which the Member unfortunately seeks to appeal.

    A paragraph which embodies almost everything that is wrong with politics and indeed public administration in the UK. Other than the complete abolition of the Senedd in its entirety and the loss of all pensions for anyone associated with it at this point it’s hard to see any other option. As Steve says, these people are guilty of treason.

  8. Well, well. When I saw that the Houthis are demanding ‘the government’, ie not them, pay all civil service salaries but of course the rebel-held areas can’t be taxed, I wondered where they got that crazy idea from.

    So they’re just copying the UK!!

  9. I’m not sure abolition is a strong enough word when referring to the Senedd as a body, buildings quite nice and I’m sure could be repurposed, maybe as an arena for the lions

  10. I walked right up to the Welsh border today. Even though it was the middle of a peat bog I was amazed there were no danger warnings.

    The other thing that irritated me was Welsh language on signs in England. No problem with them keeping their scribble alive at home but no one speaks just Welsh, do they?

  11. “The other thing that irritated me was Welsh language on signs in England. No problem with them keeping their scribble alive at home but no one speaks just Welsh, do they?”

    Certainly not in England!

    5 decades or so back, there were often kids in NW Wales (for example) who only spoke Welsh before they were then formally taught English at school (like we were taught French), especially rural or away from main towns. Not even sure that happens much any more.

  12. PF

    I’ve always thought it sensible to teach kids (and other people) the language of the state, so they can get along there. What they speak among themselves is their own business.

    Indeed I’d always understood that that was one of the original purposes of the BBC. To show the plebs that this, not their local dialect, was the King’s English.

  13. It was adjacent to NW Wales (that bulge that oozes toward Whitchurch) and certainly rural. Looking at Google Maps, nearly all the place names in the salient are English sounding. Willington, Bronington, Croxton, Horsemans Green. Business location ads for PureClean Shropshire, Farm Adventure Shropshire. Not sure the locals feel the locale. Was a border “arrangement” done at some time?

  14. Fuck me, that’s the second time in a week I’ve bollixed east and west out loud.

    More Omega 3 on me cornflakes.

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