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Weird that a journalist would say this

….the associated fall of the UK in the Rainbow Rankings has barely been covered at all: one short piece in the Metro and one (anti-trans, of course) piece in moonhowler pamphlet The Critic.

The thing is that Carrie knows all of this.

Rainbow Rankings are so well known that the standard result from Google is:

What Are Rainbow Six Ranks?
Copper V, IV, III, II, I.
Bronze V, IV, III, II, I.
Silver V, IV, III, II, I.
Gold V, IV, III, II, I.
Platinum V, IV, III, II, I.
Emerald V, IV, III, II, I.
Diamond V, IV, III, II, I.

R6 Ranks | Rainbow Six Siege Rank System Explained


Carrie means this. Carrie’s mates judging how well everyone accords with Carrie’s ideas.


Carrie’s a journalist. She knows all this stuff.

As I’ve said before Carrie has a lightness with words that I don’t have. I envy that. Mumble, mumble, annoyance. I’ve also done propaganda myself. I object to greater talent being used that way.

To get all Bathonian on this. You’re better than tha’ moi luvver. Live up to your talents. Up.

If you want a possibly objectionable example. Yes, the song’s good. The bass player has fun later on, the piano is excellent.

What makes Edwin Hawkins a genius is what happens at 1.19. What I object to is Carrie having been gifted with a talent – OK, maybe not Hawkins level but better than mine – and using it to whine.

7 thoughts on “Weird that a journalist would say this”

  1. Tolerance always means we have to put up with him. Never ever ever that he should have to put up with us.

  2. I’ve not noticed any “lightness with words” in anything the hairy-arsed pervert churns out. Not that I read beyond what is quoted here. Just the same demented falsehoods peddled by his kind all over the interwebs.

    It’s fucking tranny boilerplate.

    I bet his ladydick is a little stiffer today knowing he’s got someone pandering to his pronouns.

  3. @Boganboy – if only tolerance was what they were after. They want celebration, pandering and submission.

  4. UK in the Rainbow Rankings.

    When our last half-decent song was by Katrina and the Waves what can we expect (plus none of the other countries like us anyway)?

  5. As I’ve said before Carrie has a lightness with words that I don’t have.

    Not that I’ve noticed – and unlike MC, I have gone to read some of his stuff when it has been linked here. Serviceable writer, but also a lying cunt. On balance, any attention paid to him is a mistake.

  6. Peter MacFarlane

    “Rainbow Rankings are so well-known….”

    So well known, in fact, that I have never ever heard of them and have no idea at all what this is about.

    But don’t bother explaining, anyone, as I have a strong feeling that it’s something I really don’t care to know about.

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