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Well done Guardian, well done

The 20 best easy pasta recipes – from pistachio pesto to great baked gnocchi

Except gnocchi isn’t a pasta, it’s a potato dumpling.

12 thoughts on “Well done Guardian, well done”

  1. Student days: curried spaghetti on rice with chips. Chosen for its supposed beer-friendly characteristics.

  2. 2 gnocchi recipes out of 20 “pasta” ones. More accurate than most of the G’s articles.

  3. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    My lived experience of Italy being, as a polentone, at the completely opposite end to yours, I would possibly beg to differ.

    For certain, if you can perfect gnocchi alla Romana, which is mos def arguably a pasta dish, you will make many friends for life.

  4. Most of these dishes have similar levels of carbohydrate, saturated fat and salt to those you would find in a Big Mac. They don’t get sneered at by the Guardian however, as middle class people enjoy them.

  5. @ Noel C
    As a middle-class person it is my opinion that the Grauniad is not aligned to the middle-class but to snobs and other pseudo-intellectuals. The traditional middle classes may be less nostalgic for fish and chips but prefer a balanced meal (including, but not limited, to meat-and-two-veg) to a newly-fashionable version of Italian peasant diet

  6. Does gnocchi=pasta?
    Depends on what you think is pasta.
    If your idea of pasta is something dry, comes in a packet. No.
    If you’re someone who makes pasta starting with flour*, it’s pasta dough blended with potato. Since the wet weight of the flour in the blend far outweighs the potato, yes.

    *And in the absence of a spaghetti machine is accustomed to flat noodles.

    One can experiment with other foods blended with pasta dough. Cheese is obvious. Cooked dried peas was interesting. One has to strain the skins out of the purée though.

  7. to a newly-fashionable version of Italian peasant diet
    Most of these “fashionable” dishes are peasant food. I recently got stiffed 22€/portion for “authentic” paella at a “high class” restaurant here. I’ve eaten authentic paella. At what amounted to a shanty town north of Valencia. The material costs are about 50 cents a portion & it’s a piece of piss to cook it.
    It’s a way of the restaurant/ food industry making a packet. Even down to the high price “peasant” ingredients if you’re cooking at home.

  8. I once made a very nice vegetarian gravy using peas as the stock. Went very well with the vegetarian christmas dinner I made for a guest, and with my chicken version as well.

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