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Well, that proves it then, doesn’t it?

A senior World Health Organisation scientist, who concluded it was “extremely unlikely” Covid-19 leaked from a Chinese laboratory, has been dismissed for sexual misconduct.

The UN agency said Peter Ben Embarek, a Danish scientist, was removed from his post last year.

Dr Embarek said he contested the accusation of harassment and was challenging his dismissal.

As we all know even the accusation of grip on titty means that everything the man has ever done is wrong, is an anathema.

Therefore it was indeed a lab leak, right?

12 thoughts on “Well, that proves it then, doesn’t it?”

  1. Who knows what “sexual misconduct” means anymore, but I love the idea that they’re desperately trying to get to the bottom of the origins of WuFlu.

    Top men are on the case, no doubt.

  2. Since WHO is no longer covering its employees arses, perhaps the next investigation might actually tell the truth??

  3. Always thought denying it was a lab leak when it seems obvious just fuels the deliberate leak conspiracy theories, given involvement from US in the labs most probably better to claim it was an accident caused by an outside group visiting the lab

  4. Hmm, seems remarkably similar to this from Martin Armstrong:
    “Do you also remember the former head of the IMF who also stood in the way of the agenda to remove countries from SWIFT if they did not hand over all people with accounts? Dominique Strauss-Kahn became a target when he was the IMF chief and began to comment critically on the role of the world financial system. I was personally invited to Washington where Edmond Safra of Republic National Bank paid for the IMF dinner that rented the entire National Gallery. I was invited to demonstrate to me how the NY Investment bankers had the IMF in their pocket.

    Strauss-Kahn was conveniently sent a maid to create a sex scandal to shut him up when he saw the corruption in the IMF. They removed him under false accusations and cleared the way for the IMF to become a tool of the bankers and the Neocons. That is how the whole Long-Term Capital Management crisis developed because they bribed the IMF to keep the loans going to Russia so they could buy their bonds by paying outrageous amounts of money”

  5. @ Nessimmersion
    LTCM crashed because someone assumed that sovereign debt was zero risk just because the risk weighting allocated to it by the regulator was zero. Nothing to do with IMF lending to Russia: these were bonds issued by Russia to investors (mugs)

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