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Well, there’s a reason to vote then

MP says he will commit suicide if BNP returns to power

Choose carefully, which way do you want this to go?

7 thoughts on “Well, there’s a reason to vote then”

  1. Maybe that nice Mr. Starmer can fix it for me to vote in Bangladesh? He wants foreign nationals to be given that privilege here in the UK. If he does, I’ll vote for whoever looks likely to stop Bangladeshis emigrating to the UK.

  2. I wonder what the MP has done that is so shameful and corrupt that the BNP is going to come after him with extreme prejudice.

  3. I think that may just be the unkindest thing I’ve ever read on your blog, Tim.
    My hopes shot into the stratosphere only to plummet to earth when I read where said politico was.
    Now I need counseling. Or brandy on the cornflakes…

  4. To placate Grist’s hurt feelings, can’t we just volunteer one? Or several if it makes him feel better.

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