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Well, yes, OK

The pre-Afrofuturist mythology of Drexciya is explored in an immersive and ambitious exhibition from Ayana V Jackson

You do that then.

10 thoughts on “Well, yes, OK”

  1. It’s an amazing cultural revolution the USA has had.

    I’m not so sure about the theology of worshipping the blacks as living gods tho, so I’m going to stick to our TRADITIONAL worship of the NHS.

  2. She continues: “I did have those moments of fragility, then later I began to think about a time before slavery, a time before colonisation, and I shifted the timeline back further to realise that my origin story doesn’t have to begin with enslavement. I think about that actively.

    There was NO time before slavery or colonisation you stupid woman. If the history of West Arica is anything, then it is constant conquest, colonisation and slavery by someone. The Europeans just had better weapons and bigger boats.

    Bloody hell.

  3. @Ottokring
    Is there a single civilisation doesn’t have slavery in its past? It seems a pre-requisite. For civilization it’s necessary to produce a surplus to needs. Who’s going to produce a surplus voluntarily?
    Before slavery, contesting for resources peoples were just butchered.

  4. You do have a point, bis. The really distinctive thing about European civilisation is that it was the first to abolish slavery.

  5. “For civilization it’s necessary to produce a surplus to needs.”

    This is the point. If you need to earn – to rent and eat and live, then that person might be paid just sufficient to cover those needs with little option to earn a surplus themselves; at least for those at that level. It’s clearly different in principle from slavery where the labourer is legally owned, and yet if there are no other practical options to survive available in that (otherwise different) feudal or capitalist society?

    And then we learnt how to exploit alternative forms of energy, for the betterment of more and more of us. Which Chuckles, Klaus and the rest of the loons would increasingly like to scale back / remove from our civilisation.

  6. If you need to earn – to rent and eat and live, then that person might be paid …etc
    That’s the result of having a civilization. The precursor is, you have to get to there. And who will produce & give away voluntarily more than they need to survive? So someone needs to be forced to, involuntarily.
    Turn it the other way. Why would you produce a surplus for someone doesn’t produce? So you don’t have “prisoners of war”. You kill them. Turn them into slaves & they have value. Slavery is actually humanitarian, since slavery is an improvement on being dead.

  7. Indeed.

    “Turn them into slaves & they have value.”


    “Create a big fence (or moat), set them free within that area (better feel-good factor?) and then (forcibly) tax the excess productivity.”

    It’s all one of degree/perspective/PR? Whether creating or maintaining that civilisation.

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