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Well, yes, this is true

The Bank of England sold £24.8 billion of bonds in the first three months of this year just to force up interest rates

As we said back 15 years. The aim of buying gilts with new money was to force down interest rates. As inflation reappears – which it will, at some point – the bank will sell those gilt, collect the money and cancel it. This will force up interest rates.

The Great Tater of course welcomed the printing of money. Then insisted that QE would never be reversed. Because of this insistence that it would never be reversed he’s spent the last decade shouting that the BoE is lying about the size of the public debt.

Oh, right.

2 thoughts on “Well, yes, this is true”

  1. Not exactly a huge percentage of the bonds bought with QE have been sold here. Is that really enough to have any effect on interest rates? Genuine Q, I have no idea.

  2. It has an effect at the margin, yes. Bigger than the direct effect is that by selling the BoE shows it really means it. Expectations then changes prices more than the reality.

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