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What, there are two of them?

Award-winning author and Guardian columnist Naomi Klein is to publish a book about conspiracy theories, which she has described as a departure and “more personal, more experimental” than her previous books.

Doppelganger, out in September, uses the fact that Klein has often been mistaken for author Naomi Wolf as a jumping-off point to explore conspiracy theories and what Klein calls the “Mirror World”, our destabilised present rife with doubles and confusion.


16 thoughts on “What, there are two of them?”

  1. uses the fact that Klein has often been mistaken for author Naomi Wolf
    Sounds like a conspiracy theory all on its own.

  2. Wolf is easily distinguishable from Klein by dint of having a huge rack. Her DPhil thesis was also denounced publicly as fallacious tosh by several historians a few years back, which was amusing to witness.

  3. In case you have forgotten, Ms. Wolf wrote a book claiming executions for homosexual acts carried on later into the 19th century than was earlier believed. The only problem was that she interpreted the legal term “death recorded” as being execution whereas it actually meant the death penalty was not applied.

    What made it memorable was that this was pointed out to her in a live Radio 4 interview.

  4. I thought the phrase was “sentence executed” meaning not the bloke was killed off but that the sentence was?

  5. Wolf is a conspiracy theorist. Klein is a wannabe. I’m hoping to do a casting with Wolf soon

  6. I read a substack by Wolf recently where she believed that the Coronation was a throwback to Druidic ceremonies because all the women involved wore white and had capes.

    There was some tosh about pagan symbolism on the screen used for anointing too.

    KC3 is rather keen on Greek Orthodox liturgy ( and with a pillock like Welby as AbC, who can blame him) and wanted the ceremony to reflect the Byzantine tiles around the altar at the Abbey. Did he ever properly know grandmother Aliki, I wonder ? She being a nun and all.

  7. Wolf’s been talking an surprising amount of sense lately, but I think it’s more a case of a stopped clock being right twice a day than enlightenment. That coronation bit was mental.

  8. Could be a country song. “Mamas don’t let your daughters grow up as Naomis, let ‘em be Rachels or Annas and such”

  9. Free Thinking is sometimes a very interesting programme, but Matthew Sweet is a bit of a twat and more often the format doesn’t allow for proper debate or presentations. It is a bit like Start the Week as a result.

  10. For those of us studying the climate war, we have Naomi Oreskes. Don’t look, you’ll regret it…..

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