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It is understood that ITV executives are now likely to face questions over their handling of the matter from the Commons Media, Culture and Sport Committee on June 6.

Dame Caroline Dinenage, its chairman, said: “It will be interesting to know who knew what and when at ITV and This Morning”.

Media luvvies having a shag really is not a matter for government or even politics to investigate. It’s media luvvies having a shag.

16 thoughts on “Whut?”

  1. Yes, but think of what fun to be on the committee! Why sit around doing boring things like running the country? And all expenses paid! Meanwhile, the peasants just dream about the lottery and their betters can win it every day the committee sits! and for years after (unless you’re a Tory) with the contacts you’ve made…


    Media luvvies don’t go to the expense of instructing Mishcon de Reya unless they have something well out of the ordinary they wish to keep covered up.

    While agreeing this shouldn’t be a matter for the government or politics, considering the media’s obsession with the actions and affairs of politicians (conservative) I only wish it was Saville’s bbc rather than ITV that is now coming under the spotlight.

  3. One does wonder how long everyone will wriggle around until the young blokes’ name is revealed.

    But I must admit that I really couldn’t care who it is.

  4. @Boganboy, loads of people in the industry already know the lad’s name. They also knew it was going on for a long time. But no one piped up and stopped it.

  5. Who better to investigate the shenanigans of low-rent TV ‘talent’ than Fred Dinenage’s daughter…


  6. ITV have questions to answer but that’s Ofcom’s territory not Parliament’s. But are we really surprised? That sort of Bohemian behaviour goes on in that milieu all the time and they all cover up for each other because it does.

  7. After all the years of hard-won victories regarding sex, gender, and race, I thought the general idea was that Britain is now such a tolerant, accepting and open-minded place that nobody cared who was bumming who.

    Is it the age difference that makes it naughty? How come Stephen Fry remains a national treasure?

  8. Arthur C Clarke successfully remained a British national treasure for decades by moving to Sri Lanka to fuck little boys.

  9. Snag @ 7.29 wins todays’ internet…..

    I wondered if she were related when I saw the name here. I wonder what her dad (STILL presenting the show according to Wiki…..) Jack, Bunty and Jon would think. Like the rest of us, who gives a fuck probably.

  10. Also, is this just a ‘look, over there – a squirrel’ stunt to distract the proles away from the WHO power grab?

  11. Arthur C Clarke successfully remained a British national treasure for decades by moving to Sri Lanka to fuck little boys.

    You can’t libel the dead, but it in fairness it should be pointed out that the Daily Mirror allegations went nowhere* and were withdrawn with an apology.

    On a technical note, Clarke moved to Ceylon in 1956 – long before he had any national celebrity status.

    *Except in the minds of the no-smoke-without-fire community.

  12. PJF – not sure what you mean by they went “nowhere”. He was never likely to be arrested in Sri Lanka, or face any serious consequences in his 80’s.

    Here’s Mr Clarke’s not very convincing denial of noncery:

    “I have never had the slightest interest in children – boys or girls. They should be treated in the same way. But once they have reached the age of puberty, then it is OK,” Mr Clarke was quoted as saying in the Sunday Mirror. “If the kids enjoy it and don’t mind it doesn’t do any harm … there is a hysteria about the whole thing in the West.”

    We know fine well why single, middle aged white men hang around “table tennis clubs” full of impoverished brown boys in Third World countries. An ex News of the World hack said Rupert Murdoch (a friend of Clarke) spiked the story, which seems plausible.

    I’ve also read CHILDHOOD’S END, in which Mr Clarke shares some… interesting… thoughts on the little ones. Science fiction, btw, has always been riddled with child molesters. The only sane and truthful one was Philip K Dick.

  13. Schofield is a cunt, not because he shagged some young totty, but because he milked all the “oh you’re so brave” tears and back slaps virtue orgy when he came out as gay, whereas he only did it cos he got caught. Milked it all the way to the bank. I hope the wife took / takes him to the cleaners

  14. Addolff,

    Sorry but that gives far too much credit to MPs, most of whom couldn’t win a game of noughts and crosses, let alone 4d chess.

    This is just “look at us doing something”. They’ll have one of those farcical filmed select committees for the media to show and the dummies will think something better about their shit MP.

  15. It’s media luvvies having a shag.
    But if it’s politicians having a shag, ITV’ll be all over it like a bad smell.
    Retribution, pure & simple.

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