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Whut? Women aren’t allowed to change their minds?

Imagine campaigning for a Democratic politician—a thankless, low-paying job, especially at the state level—because you believe in what they stand for. The candidate gives powerful speeches about abortion rights that make you proud. You’re in a purple state, where every single seat in the legislature is critical to protecting abortion access. So you join the fight, help them win, and continue working for them in the legislature. Then inexplicably, in the middle of their term, that politician does an about-face, switches parties, and votes in favor of an extreme abortion ban, delivering Republicans the one vote they needed to override a veto and actually shutter clinics in the state.

Two (now former) aides to North Carolina State Rep. Tricia Cotham found themselves in that position earlier this month. Cotham, a Democrat until recently who was endorsed by EMILY’s List, had given speeches for years about abortion rights, sworn over and over to defend them, and even talked about her own medically necessary abortion. “My womb and my uterus is not up for your political grab,” she said in one particularly passionate 2015 speech.

But here’s the important bit:

Autumn Alston, a Democratic activist who canvassed for Cotham’s two most recent campaigns and advised her often

You see, a woman isn’t allowed to change her mind if it pisses off a political activist. Oh no.

12 thoughts on “Whut? Women aren’t allowed to change their minds?”

  1. So, obviously, women who are in favour of restricting abortion access are also not allowed to change their minds. Which is just a recipe for eternal stalemate.

  2. Is Rinkunas trying to say that pollies actually keep their word and don’t sell out those who voted for them?

    What about the revolting remainers and the pestilent pro-immigration pigs in the UK??

  3. Imagine campaigning for a Democratic politician—a thankless, low-paying job, especially at the state level

    But the pension is amazing (an eternity of torment in Hell).

  4. “Imagine campaigning for a Democratic politician—a thankless, low-paying job”

    But why? Surely the Left can pay everyone who works for them amazing wages. They demand everyone else pay higher wages after all………

  5. Maybe going through a medically necessary abortion convinced her that it was a process best saved for medical necessity, rather than used as a form of contraception by the drunk and careless?

    Although what she actually voted for was a ban on abortions after 12 weeks, bringing the law into line with repressive hellholes like Germany and Italy. Compared to 24 weeks in backwards Brexit Britain…

    One of the reasons I didn’t much care about Brexit either way was that it was obvious that the British political establishment was the problem, not the EU. There were and still are conservative laws all over Europe which could be applied in the UK – on immigration, benefits and abortion for example. Meanwhile, post-Brexit Britain forges ahead with a huge state and open borders.

  6. The Pedant-General

    ” it was obvious that the British political establishment was the problem, not the EU.”

    Embrace the healing power of “And”

    We knew the EU was rotten and horrible, but much more damaging was that it was hollowing out our domestic politics and this wasn’t properly visible because it was all being muddled up with the EU.

    I voted Leave so that this would become clear and we had a fighting chance to start the long hard business of sorting out our own mess.

  7. TPD + 1215

    Leave won because the electorate wanted their votes to matter again.

    Tony Blair once complained that the British government was full of wonderful levers, and when he pulled them, nothing happened.

    By 2016 the electorate felt the same way about voting for political parties in general elections. Pull the Blue lever, get the same results as pulling the Red lever. Hence the “Fuck You, Leave” result.

    Everything that has happened in our politics since 2016 has been a desperate rearguard action by the establishment to not only nullify the outcome of the referendum, but to ensure there are no more meaningful democratic events, ever again.

    (Conspiracy theory time: Net Zero and Replacement Migration are very unpopular, and about to get aggressively unpopular when dullards find out it means you’re not allowed to use a hairdryer and Diversity is shitting in your garden. You really don’t want the plebs being able to vote back hanging judges *now*)

    Remember, democracy only has a very brief and chequered history on these islands. The historical norm is various flavours of brutal authoritarianism so the dumb masses could be more profitably exploited by their tyrannical, moustache-twirling overlords.

    The Age of the Noodly Armed LinkedIn Man is going to be brief, before he is overpowered and eaten on TikTok by militant Norfolk Separatists. But until that fated day, he dreams of turning the whole island into Greatest London.

    Picture it: a vast, vibrantly smelling, 15 minute eco-slum from John O’Groats to Grenfell. With a Halal Chicken shop on every corner, and a guaranteed gender clinic place for every child-identified person.

    Surely only a radical right wing extremist could object to that.

  8. Why is campaigning for a Dem thankless and low-paid? Surely there’s bucket loads of spoils money – Nancy has lots – , and surely the Dem thanks her little helperkins?

    Or is it just the usual religious cult bullshit where the Dem spouts some BS and all the follower-cretins just believe it?

    Have they really no sense of reality and politics?

    As for believing that abortion is the biggest issue facing the nation – that’s a tad skewed, no? Surely it’s The Climate Crisis? Don’t they even sort out which sort of witchcraft has priority any more?

  9. Abortion v Global Warming is interesting in the US. Mid and upper class (income) white liberal women stake the future of the Republic on abortion. Ex hippies (still smelly and now infesting government and academia) have adopted, full speed, the global warming religion and want to install it as the national character. Neither of these groups treat their minions like anything other than peons.

  10. If one is campaigning for a politician or political party in which one believes, the expected payment is not “low” but zero.
    So why is she complaining about that?

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