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Why not just make the whole country a ULEZ?

Ulez-style zones could pop up across Britain under Starmer
Draft plans to replicate London’s clear air zone nationwide being considered by Labour as it builds its election manifesto

The reason they’re not going to do this is that it would destroy the bureaucracy they’ve built to administer the ULEZ. If every car in the country obeys ULEZ restrictions then no one can be charged for it. And so all those bureaucrats will be fired. Therefore it won’t happen. No politician kills off a client estate.

10 thoughts on “Why not just make the whole country a ULEZ?”

  1. “No politician parasite kills off a client estate” TFTFY.

    With EV’s, I think they will slowly:
    1. junk the subsidies to buy the vehicle.
    2. Implement ‘charges’ on EV’s to cover the loss of fossil fuel duty.
    3. Increase the cost of charging.
    4. Impose a ‘charge’ on the vehicle owner when recycling the batteries.

    Ha, ha, ha.

  2. I visited the checker service at
    and it told me my 2007 petrol Toyota was ultra-low emissions.
    I can assure Starmer that it isn’t – tyres, brakes wearing out, and road surfaces wear out too.

    So they use NO2 only as a measure of the success of the policy, which is coming down everywhere according to the evaluation, just more so in central london, where it was higher to begin with.

  3. Interesting to see that NO2 is now the latest pollution peril. I’ve seen it mentioned here so often that I even looked it up.

    Or would you argue that I’m still half a century behind the times??

  4. The Meissen Bison

    When a population can be cowed into compliance on the say-so of a Matt Hancock it’s tempting for politicians to think that their instructions will always be obeyed in future if sufficiently harshly implemented. They may well be mistaken in this belief.

  5. Bloke In Scotland

    Extending the ULEZ to cover the whole country wil wipe out the bureaucracy? Not likely, these things are harder to get rid of than cockroaches. More likely massive increase, “coz we have whole country to do now”.

  6. With EV’s, I think they will slowly:
    1. junk the subsidies to buy the vehicle.

    The subsidies have been reducing for some years now. But points 2-4 will come, I’m sure.

  7. Tim, you should write something for the ASI blog and your other regular outlets based on that observation. It’s a good example of how politics and bureaucracy works in practice and it focusses attention on incentives, so it’s a good hook for an article about why those things are so important.

  8. Any actual evidence of the impact of the ULEZ on the good citizens of London?

    Or shall we continue emoting?

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