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Woke is like wine tasting

Carrie doesn’t quite get this:

The local election results demonstrate something we’ve seen in other countries, such as Australia: using a “war on woke” as your election strategy is a sure-fire way to be rejected at the polls.

The old and unwoke are dying off, herald that brand new dawn. And no, that’s not actually how societies do work. Rather, we’re in a wine tasting. New ideas and arrangements are constantly suggested. We – collectively – roll them over the palate and try to come to a decision. The economic liberation of women, yes, fair enough. Households now require so little time to run that why not? It’s not been an unmitigated success, sure – female happiness relative to male has declined significantly over this time even as it’s still higher – but overall yes. He has sex with men but, you know, still stands his round so why not stop criminalising that. A rather more unmitigated success there.

Society swallows some of these woke proposals that is. Some others, not so much. That bloke in lippy is allowed to cry discrimination when lesbians won’t shag xe? That one’s been rolled over the palate and ejected into the spittoon. In the UK the very idea that there are such things as trans kids seems to be heading that way, America has either made a different decision or is only just catching up.

That societies change, sure, that some of the things claimed to be woke at any one time are now the norm by the next, obviously so. But that doesn’t mean that every woke claim of this generation is going to be accepted in the future.

Because, you know, people make decisions?

14 thoughts on “Woke is like wine tasting”

  1. What “war on woke” does Carrie imagine the Tories are waging?

    If they actually did anything about wokeshit, they’d be popular.

    I’m glad he’s still safe from all that “trans genocide” he’s been complaining about, tho.

  2. The Tories aren’t even claiming to be waging war on woke, which at least saves them the bother of lying.

    As for the popularity of woke, it seems only to be popular with no-nothing kids, commies, corporate PR types and the hairy perverts in frocks community.

  3. Anyone know if this deviant travesty is intact?

    What a hard life it leads, suffering actual violence every day at the hands of disrespectful, piss-taking baristas:

    “Even grabbing a cup of coffee can cause problems.

    “I’ll say Carrie and they’ll say ‘Karen?’ And I say no, Carrie. And we’ll go through all of these names and we’ll finally agree that it’s Carrie, with a C, like the actor Carrie Fisher.

    “And then I’ll get my coffee and it says Harry,” says Carrie, who lives in Glasgow.”

  4. One of the joys of all of this is that Carrie has a voice that would do Chaliapin proud.

  5. I can only repeat my argument that ScoMo won election no 1 because he indiscreetly let the Collinsville coal miners know that he didn’t really support getting rid of fossil fuels. This meant that a large part of the white, working class, unionised voters, who were the backbone of the old Labor party, voted for the Liberals.

    In election no 2 he paid attention to the polls and the media, and offered standard Liberal policies plus a healthy whack of woke. Naturally the rusted on Labor voters gave him the finger, not the vote. Indeed I remember a comment from one woman that he had betrayed them by offering wokist drivel instead of driving a stake through the heart of net zero.

  6. Bboy – conservatives lose when they refuse to do right wing things.

    Progressives win when conservatives refuse to do right wing things.

  7. Looking at the numbers of seats and gains/losses.
    The Conservatives had a horrible day losing nearly one-third of their seats, but still have more seats than Labour had last time and Labour have fewer seats than the Conservatives had last time. Greens had a wonderful result – except in Brighton which actually has experience of the Greens in power

  8. When I was young the “Daily Mirror” had the highest circulation of any UK newspaper, so crowing that the “Daily Mail” circulation is now a little less than treble that of the “Daily Mirror” (whilst avoiding admitting that is falling slower) sounds like an attempt to mislead.
    In any case the Conservatives have not adopted “war on woke” as a strategy: while some people find “woke” irritating most sane human beings look at things on their perceived merits, rather on whether they have been anointed with the title of “woke” – partly because in most cases we don’t even know whether or not our “woke” would-be rulers have so anointed them.

  9. In any case the Conservatives have not adopted “war on woke” as a strategy

    I mean, apart from Baroness Warsi, Net Zero, frotting each other silly over “safe and legal routes” for dinghy rapists, allying with grooming gangs, the highest tax burden since WW2 and their forthcoming “conversation therapy” ban aimed at jailing parents who object to the state turning their children into castrated freaks, the Tories HATE woke.

  10. And walks like a man. Or should one say shambles. That’s as far as I got with the vid. Any more would have been too painful. Couldn’t miss the words “It looks like a charity shop & is” Of course it would be. Always on someone else’s tab.

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