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A list only goes where A list goes….

Taylor Swift ‘snubbed invite’ to Duchess of Sussex’s podcast
Reports claim Meghan wrote a personal letter asking her to appear on the Archetypes show but the singer declined through a representative

Gotta keep those standards up you know….

14 thoughts on “A list only goes where A list goes….”

  1. I’m mildly surprised she got the invite in the first place as the guests in the first (and last season) of “Archetypes” were overwhelmingly diverse.

    I’ll bet Lizzo is still fuming at being ignored.

  2. Having seen the photos of Lizzo performing at Glastonbury, I would have thought you ignored her at your peril. That woman must appear on maps.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    The couple are reportedly developing a show for Netflix called Bad Manners, based on the Miss Havisham character in Great Expectations.
    It is described as a prequel to the Charles Dickens novel that recasts the lonely spinster as a strong woman living in a patriarchal society. It is not known whether it has been commissioned by Netflix.

    I do hope this project goes ahead. Doubtless Miss Hava-sham will be replete with protected characteristics. It should be a blast and illustrate how a wedding or the absence of a wedding can lead to lunacy.

  4. TMB: ’ I do hope this project goes ahead.’

    So does Disney, it’ll take some of the critical heat away from ‘Secret Wars’…

  5. The Meissen Bison

    John: Perhaps in Harry and Megs’s version the strong woman will have super powers?

    Magwitch had super powers in order to travel from the hulks to the churchyard notwithstanding the ball and chain. The ball-and-chain metaphor will be strong in this freaquel.

  6. Magwitch, being a criminal, was as white as the driven snow in the bbc adaptation. Quite how his daughter turned out so black is one of life’s little mysteries.

  7. JulieM,

    How does anyone running any of the Disney studios (Marvel, Lucasfilm, Disney studios, Pixar) still have a job? I think hiring a monkey to randomly greenlight projects would be more successful.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Reports claim Meghan wrote a personal letter ”

    I’m finding it very hard to believe that Megan sat down at a desk, took out a Mont Blanc pen and a sheet of top quality writing paper and wrote a personal invite, before addressing the envelope herself. More likely she got a lackey to send an email using her email address.

  9. “Dere Tailer

    Please cum and be on my podcast. We can talk about a lot of important stuff. Harry sez it will be a larf.



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