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Ah, yes, politics and culture

Oliver Dowden, the Deputy Prime Minister, was in charge of the Government’s secretive Counter-Disinformation Unit (CDU) during the pandemic, the Telegraph can reveal.

Mr Dowden, who was culture secretary at the time, directed the CDU to start tackling Covid disinformation in March 2020.

The point of having a politician directing culture being to make absolutely certain that there is no native nor spontaneous culture, of course.

8 thoughts on “Ah, yes, politics and culture”

  1. I’m not of the tin foil hat persuasion, but this demonstrates well that these wankers are not here for our benefit.
    And the ease with which they cross the line when they believe they are doing the right thing is frightening.
    But don’t worry, cos the press will be full of Schofield, Harry or lefty wankers complaining about fat cat evil Tories.

  2. There is no conspiracy, Tim. Surely you know that.

    Likewise, the fact that the EU and the WHO have just signed an agreement to implement vaccine passports and thereby mandate vaccination is just good sense and utterly unrelated to any global plot to restrict movement and possibly kill a few billion useless eaters off (or prevent them breeding).

    On a similar but actually unrelated topic, note how the government and globalist censorship net is closing in on Twitter and other social media, such that discussion of these issues will very soon be verboten; I don’t expect it to happen overnight, but they will come for blogs too, and maybe even yours. ‘Climate denialism’ is going to become a very exciting contact sport I suggest.

    And look at what the cunts at Surrey Police are doing to Caroline Farrow in respect of her perfectly sane position and comments on transgenderism. For more details, see @CF_Farrow on Twitter.

  3. Remember when a shot of the Culture Ministry was movie shorthand for “this place is a totalitarian shitehole”? Good times.

  4. PF ‘ 10.57, harass white, normal, generally law abiding people who pretty much won’t offer plod too much resistance or harass ‘people of protected character’ who will kick back and have all sorts of social media activists screaming and causing lots of grief for the Chief Constable.

    As with BLM (young blacks, effnics and white trash Socialist Worker anarchists allowed to riot without interference) and Lockdown protesters (Peaceful old / middle aged people marching peacefully but who were kettled and assaulted).

  5. Interested
    Quite – I was DDG’ing/following up on your comment on Farrow (and only then noticed Steve had pasted in full the detail of the link I included). One to monitor and follow.

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