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Britain’s changed, hasn’t it?

Mozammel Hossain told party activists at the Tories’ first mayoral hustings that he was “not a Brexiteer”.

Mr Hossain is one of the three contenders who made it onto the final shortlist to be the Tory candidate to take on Sadiq Khan in next May’s election,

Tell a Briton of 50 years ago that the two – likely – caindiates for Mayor of London would both generationally hail from the subcontinent.

That both the – Tory – PM and Home Sec did.

This is not to say that it’s good or bad, it’s to be entirely uninterested in that part of it.

Something just noted couple of days back. Between the 2001 and 2021 censuses, non-white (ie, not “White British” classification) grew by 15% of the population. That’s one hell of a change in population demographics. The entire white population of South Africa is only 7.7%.

Again, this is to be entirely neutral about good or bad. But it really is one hell of a change.

So, a thought. Is there anywhere else ever that has had this much demographic change as a result of immigration in such a short time? Absolutely no part of the Empire did in us going outwards – not in just a couple of decades it didn’t. Transport just wasn’t fast or bulk enough for that.

So, candidates for a faster change are?

21 thoughts on “Britain’s changed, hasn’t it?”

  1. Of course, your presumption is that is an established & possibly continuing situation. It could easily be reversed. Never underestimate what people are capable of. History is full of lessons & history’s not a closed book.

  2. Apparently, more people have come here since 1966 than came here in the preceeding 1000 years. It’s not necessarily change that bothers people, it is the rate of change. And the fact that despite all the evidence showing the locals didn’t want it, it was foist upon us.

    I absolutely respect the right of those who wish to live in an ethnically diverse, multi-culti shithole to do so. Why won’t they respect my wish not to?

  3. A criminal defence barrister who grew up in Bangladesh and did not own a pair of shoes until he was 16,

    As one comment said “It confuses me how so many poorer immigrants, can afford fo live in London. How do these people pay the housing costs?”.

    The answer to this, as well as to Tim’s original question, is that never before has a country deliberately and systematically prostrated and impoverished itself while belittling or actually denying the existence of its own history and culture for the benefit of immigrants. We’re in uncharted waters folks.

  4. At a guess, I’d say Oz Tim. After all, the abos were paleolithic hunter/gatherers.

    Shipping in large numbers of an agricultural people could well have led to such rapid change.

    And I suppose New Zealand.

  5. Bogan

    The Abos didn’t had a say in it. Their leaders certainly never said “Listen up. We’ve decided to invite the rest of the world over here so get used to the idea because they’ll be running the show before long”.

  6. Tell a Briton of 50 years ago that the two – likely – candidates for Mayor of London would both generationally hail from the subcontinent. That both the – Tory – PM and Home Sec did. This is not to say that it’s good or bad, it’s to be entirely uninterested in that part of it.

    London has become a city of immigrants, so why should we be surprised that the only political candidates with a chance to win the London Mayoralty are likewise immigrants.

    As for “How did this happen?”, after the bombs of WW2, the previous population of Londoners particularly in the central and Eastern parts of London were rehoused in the new towns of Kent and Essex. The claim was to prevent the slums that had been bombed from simply being rebuilt.

    Then when the unasked for immigrant influx came in private landlords used the “Fear of immigrants” to oust the remaining elderly white population out, bought up their properties for a fraction of their value, converted them into houses of multiple occupation and crammed as many in as could fit. Peter Rachman being the archetype of this sort of thing and violence was seldom far away if property owners and tenets didn’t oblige.

    Peter Rachman

    As for council housing, that’s a separate and equally horrific accounting, as the councils shifted from a first-come, first-served list approach to a prioritisation of need approach, this favoured immigrant populations above the indigenous white population and exacerbated outward movement to Kent and Essex, since they could no longer obtain decent housing in centre and East London where their families had lived since Victorian times.

    Obviously, all of the above is simply a racist diatribe that doesn’t reflex the reality of immigrants “Lived Experience”.

  7. At a micro level I would bet that the not-white proportions at English universities has exploded by more and faster, so much so that there are sufficient Chinese students for there to be factions. Alas, UUK state in their data that “Students from outside the UK are not asked to report their ethnicity and are not included.”

    The biggest increase at micro level has to be the BBC.
    The smallest movements at micro level could be grassroots football referees. And Glastonbury goers.

    Changing world for sure, never knew how few South Efrikens were pale.

  8. When did colonialism stop being colonialism and become immigration. Or conversely, why was colonialism called colonialism and not immigration?

    Could it be… colonialism (bad) when White people do it; immigration (good) when non-White people do it?

  9. Clogland, for one.

    We calculate things differently over here, like counting 3rd gen. immigrants as “fully integrated” ( rofl-ing here..), but adding up some numbers you end up with anywhere between 16 and 21% of our population being Of Foreign Descent.
    Much, much higher % in the cities. The only reason us whipipo aren’t a large-ish minority there is because of the polish and czechs, and nowadays ukies.

    Mind.. the bulk of the Furriners are city-Turkish derived, so other than a couple of minor details near-indistinguishable from original cloggies by now. Same for the Polish that decided to stay.
    The eastern-Turks and Moroccans, however… *ahem*… That’s spot-the-enclave-where you-won’t-tread-as-an-Outsider territory, even after easily three generations.

  10. The post-1933 resettlement of eastern and southern Ukraine by the people of Russia following their slaughter of a few million Ukrainians by starvation.

    Ninety years on and race relations are still proving tricky.

  11. @Sam Vara – Say what you like about Hamtramck’s ban on LGBT+ stuff, they ain’t being opaque about it. “We are Muslim. We find this LGBT+ stuff offensive and therefore it’s banned”.

    Sure, it might get overturned on 1A grounds or some other get out clause, but I have no problem with a Muslim dominated district passing such motions.

    Hopefully, it will make others think twice about the consequences of Islamic immigration, ghettos, etc.

    “This is un-American!”

    Whose fault is that then?

  12. Many of the Islamic “Arab” invasions resulted in a greater change in the populations. Reportedly the pre-Arab-invasion population of Malta was effectively wiped out to the extent that no trace of the indigenes’ language survived.
    Paul, Somerset has mentioned Ukraine – the forced transfer of Poles from territory seized by Russia in 1945 and of Germans from German territory transferred to Poland was, relatively speaking, larger as well as faster than the impact of immigration under Blair/Brown (only 3-and-a-bit million net, or 5% in 2001-11 – the 15% in 20 years includes children born in the UK).
    Other candidates must include the conversion of Formosa to Taiwan following the Maoist-/Russian conquest of the Chinese mainland when mainland Chinese became well oveer one-third of the population.
    Turkish north Cyprus after Turkey sent an army to protect the ethnic minority.

  13. I notice that Hamtramck is almost entirely surrounded by Detroit 20-odd times bigger, so I predict the State engineering it being annexed. For greater efficiency of local government administration, of course.

  14. @John
    “As one comment said “It confuses me how so many poorer immigrants, can afford fo live in London. How do these people pay the housing costs?”.”
    They don’t we do.

  15. It is interesting to see the Netherlands going through a similar though not identical transition to white Dutch being minorities in certain boroughs and institutions.
    I wonder if the Netherlands has massive under-representation of ethnics in volunteering or giving blood for example.
    Heck, even in UK the Ahmadiyya are over-represented in volunteering and the other sects which follow the true and final faith of the Qu’ran are under-represented.

    We are lucky in the UK that the minorities are of many and sometimes contradictory persuasions. We can only count our blessings that we are not like Ukraine where the minority they tyrannically and democratically decided to smash are mainly of one persuasion whose rights are considered important by a massive country next door.

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