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But yes, of course, we must continue to preserve our vital wetlands!

Five cases of malaria confirmed in Florida and Texas
First diagnoses in 20 years in the US as the CDC issues an alert saying the mosquito-borne disease is considered a medical emergency

Pave the swamps!

14 thoughts on “But yes, of course, we must continue to preserve our vital wetlands!”

  1. Are the cases amongst the indigenese or recent arrivals? You know, in the same manner the UK has ‘benefitted’ from Malaria, TB, Polio, MonkeyPox, congenital birth defects 7-12 times above average, HIV, Enteric Fever?

  2. @Addolff, agree. Malaria is a herd disease. The outbreak comes from new malaria-carrying herd members. Frog zample Finland in summer has very approximately ten zillion mosquitoes to the human and zero decimal point zero zero malaria cases.

  3. Bloke In Scotland

    And am I the only one wanting a full scale; call in the army, torch the heather, slaughter the wildlife. dig up the peat, mission to eradicate the midgie?

  4. I wouldn’t think “Save our wetands” has much to do with it. The amount of wetlands “saved” is trivial. A would the amount of them could be drained or paved over. Southerner’s right. Malaria depends on the introduction of the parasite to the mosquito life cycle. Vote Free Finns!

  5. Luckily Bill Gates’ boffins have been working on genetically modified mosquitoes to stop this happening via interbreeding (parasite-resistant mossies will confer that resistance on their progeny). That won’t go wrong (or right, depending on your pov) at all!

  6. @Southerner

    TBF, you need specific species of mosquito to spread malaria, I’m not certain, but doubt they’d be widespread in Finland. And if you think Finland is bad for skeeters, try Greenland in summer, when they’re hatching and you’re the only edible thing for miles around!

  7. Pave the swamps!

    This is a level of ignorance akin to the Chinese Communist Party war on birds. You can pave as much as you want but you won’t stop water pooling enough for mosquitos (plus you’ll have fuck loads of flooding). You can DDT the entire insect world but you might find the Gods of the Copybook Headings come charging through Chesterton’s Fence to starve your children in an unforeseen ecological collapse.

    If we can keep our moors, heaths, bogs, mosses, lakes and ponds whilst retaining our dragonflies, butterflies, beetles and other critters (and all those that interact with them in myriad ways), and in exchange not have hordes of parasite infested wogs pouring into this green and pleasant land, well –

    Sink the boats!

  8. @dearieme

    Neither. The ‘a’ is pronounced like ‘say’ without the ‘s’, while the ‘gue’ is pronounced like ‘argue’ without the ‘ar’.

  9. Glaxo makes anti-malarial drugs and vaccines which it supplies cheaply (in some cases free) to African governments.
    OTOH I don’t see why it should subsidise Texas and Florida

  10. I’m a firm believer in spraying. As always, this is because I’m selfish.

    Good old Campbell-Newman, during the great floods, ‘temporarily’ sprayed the swamps around Brissy. There was a remarkable drop in the number of mossies bothering ME!!!

    This evidently also applied to the rest of Brisbane’s citizens. Since no else has been game to stop the spraying again.

    To be fair though PJF, I’m also a firm believer in sinking the boats.

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