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Buzzfeed’s important article of the day

Eat Appetizer After Appetizer To Find Out Which Tea Perfectly Matches Your Personality

11 thoughts on “Buzzfeed’s important article of the day”

  1. Dennis, A Wee Bonny Lad If You Squint Hard Enough

    Isn’t that just the sort of shit Buzzfeed publishes?

    It’s not like it’s an outlier.

  2. And while Timmy is safely tucked up in Portugal, does anyone here know what the police investigation of the Scotnaz is about? Is it really the missing £600k or are there things we are not being told?

  3. Bogan, Milo brings back memories…..

    But Lapsang Souchong tastes, in my humble opinion, like the ashes of last nights bonfire mixed with hot water.
    Earl Grey on the other hand…..

  4. “Twinings have stopped selling Lapsang Souchong”

    I cannot find Lapsang in the shops anywhere. The shelf space has been taken up by flavoured teas and that strange herbal chai stuff.

  5. “Earl Grey on the other hand…”
    …tastes like they haven’t washed the fairy liquid out of the cup.

  6. RichardT: “Twinings have stopped selling Lapsang Souchong”

    Whittards sell it loose, on line at least; Waitrose sell it in bags. I’d try M&S as well.

  7. I presume drinking Lapsang Souchong is a matter of choice.
    Although I find that very hard to believe.

  8. jgh+1

    Twining’s Darjeeling is getting hard to find. There are also shortages of Irish Breakfast here. Supply chain problems?

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