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So the government censored social media over Covid, eh?

We’re surprised, shocked, right?

It would be nice to be in a world where we were shocked too.

4 thoughts on “Censorship”

  1. OFCOMs’ “Guidance to Broadcasters” made it clear in 2020 that any deviation from the Government, CDC or WHO propaganda would put the broadcasters licence to operate at risk.

    The actions of TPTB, MSM and others have ensured fewer and fewer people now trust them or any other supranational ‘experts’ who feel qualified to tell us what to do. Fucking good job.

  2. Absolutely right Addollf!

    The consequences of the mainstream media becoming little more than outlets for state enforced propaganda were always going to be a decline in trust and readership of that mainstream media. Hey presto! Post-COVID they’re now going broke faster!

    Without the ability to silence alternate views / alternate media they’re propaganda becomes apparent for what it is, even to the more intellectually challenged members of the news readership.


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