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A French study by polling and market research firm Ifop found that 46 per cent of British women over the age of 18 surveyed in 2021 said they had not had sex in the past 12 months, up from 42 per cent in 2016.

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  1. “Women of all backgrounds had fewer children over the past decade and did so later in life than in previous years.

    A study published last week in the journal Population Studies found the decline was particularly sharp among mothers with well-educated parents and who themselves went to university.

    Prof Miles says: ‘The rate of population growth will be lower than in the past and that will feed through to demand for housing. ”

    Stress ye not! The government’s importing millions of Third-Worlders means that the population will grow anyway, and an added bonus is that increasing numbers of those sexless graduate women will have sex forced upon them by the incomers. Proper joined-up thinking from Rishi et al.

  2. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    46 per cent of British women over the age of 18 surveyed in 2021 said they had not noticed having sex in the past 12 months.

  3. Hang on Sam, they’re talking about adult females. The diversity imports might not alter that…

  4. But with fewer blokes to build and maintain the houses, perhaps the number of houses will decrease even faster than the number of people.

    Or do they actually expect the illegals to do a bit of work?

  5. Can’t seem to find the iFOP report, so I suspect the ThisIsMoney reporting is screwy.

    On the other hand, using Google Books ngram viewer, the curves for “sex toy” or “rampant rabbit” are pretty steep.

    Substitutes abound, presumably.

  6. Several iterations of “three weeks to flatten the curve” presumably curtailed women’s opportunities when it came to finding suitable partners to have sex with.

  7. Like al;l of these things, concentrate not on what your are being told but why you are being told it.
    So we have a French survey on English women’s humping activities. Presuming, like all surveys, the results obtained will conform with the expectations of those commissioned the survey, who wants the French that? And since this has appeared in the Mail, which only concerns itself with house prices & the size of slebs tits… And yes, it is used in conjunction with the former. Although maybe, next week, it can be used with the latter.

  8. I believe these results and I think they are fucking terrible. As a society we have somehow managed really to fuck with our heads and have turned healthy, happy activities into something shameful. No 20-something woman can get on and just have sex with an older man without it being ‘age inappropriate’ or just shag the boss without being ‘groomed’. Nobody can wake up, think “shit, that was a mistake” and then just chalk it up to experience. Everybody has to be emotionally damaged by it.

    Young people today are just shit.

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