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Welsh rapper dropped from festival for singing in English
Bilingual artist says he refused to change his set for the cultural event, which celebrates the Welsh language

I thought the point of rap was that it wasn’t singing?

7 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. As Jon Pertwee explained in a Goidies episode, the word Eisteddford is detived from the words
    Eistedd = bored
    Fford = stiff

  2. I had to re-read the snippet. I thought the rapper was dropped for refusing to sign in Welsh. I then wondered if every country has their own version of sign language. So that would lead to multiple people standing next to a speaker signing in loads of different languages.

    Then I re-read the snippet and realised I was wrong.

  3. Different countries do have different sign languages – and since sign languages are totally different to spoken to different languages, not just a way of encoding a spoken language into visible actions, you can even get two English-speaking countries with totally different sign languages. But you can’t “sign in Welsh”.

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