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El Diablo Cozinha (or perhaps, El Cozinha Del El Diablo) is back

Armchair General

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24 thoughts on “El Diablo Cozinha (or perhaps, El Cozinha Del El Diablo) is back”

  1. Nice to see DK back in the fray.

    It seems like another age when Devil’s Kitchen, Burning Our Money and the likes were still around.

    I’m glad our host is still sticking around (hopefully for many years to come)!

  2. The Ministry of Labour was also unhappy about the arrival of the Jamaican men, minister George Isaacs warning that if they attempted to find work in areas of serious unemployment ‘there will be trouble eventually’. He said: ‘The arrival of these substantial numbers of men under no organised arrangement is bound to result in considerable difficulty and disappointment. I hope no encouragement will be given to others to follow their example.’

    Yes, remember when we had a government that cared about British people?

    Compare and contrast with King Tampon informing us, yesterday, that mass scale black colonisation of England has made us “better people”.

    Foolish Tampon, he is watching his kingdom slip through his comically large, penis-like, fingers. And there’s a great, big, fatuous smile on his startlingly gnomeish face.

    Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods? Where’s the streetwise Edward I, to fight against the rising odds?

  3. Can’t argue with his opening post. “No blacks, no dogs, no Irish” The notice may have been mythical, but that was my grandparents*. (Although I think they were more tolerant of dogs. But most definitely not of the Irish. So maybe include the ferry from Dublin?)
    * Bombed out of war time Poplar. There were still people living in prefabs in the 70s

  4. @BiB
    And BBCbiased is still running. From 2003. Although the sentiment’s gone from deep fringe to mainstream. Where I first saw DK strutting his stuff.

  5. I’m trying to remember the other deeply anarchistic blog of the time. Such a pleasant surprise to find there were people just as nasty as I am.

  6. Mr Eugenides?

    Anyway, I’m deeply disappointed in the Armchair General thus far, precisely zero “fucks” to be seen.

  7. Mr Eugenides was indeed seminal. As was the Clown. But DK feeding politicians feet first into Cessna propellers took a lot to beat.

  8. From 2003.

    That’s a useful reminder of how ineffectual the blogosphere turned out to be. Twenty years later the vast majority of people still get their news handed to them from “official” sources. Those might no longer be just the “mainstream media” as we used to call it; we can now add the various social media platforms that people prefer to orbit around. It’s probably the “podcasters” who are the modern equivalent of the blogs of yore. I think they have much greater reach but most are reliant on others’ business models so are vulnerable to silencing.

    It’s still the case that governments can be openly, comically and dangerously corrupt but it didn’t happen unless it’s covered by the Acronym Rooted Synchronised Echo news outlets.

  9. Not sure about the blogosphere being totally ineffectual PJF.
    Pretty sure a lot of the online censorship since Trump was elected was down to the effective meme warfare coming from the likes of 4Chan and other bloggers.
    See how the left were outraged when Twitter was wrested from their control.
    Btw thanks for reminding me about Mr. Eugenides, I was struggling to recall some of the main swear blogger’s from back in the day!

  10. Not sure about the blogosphere being totally ineffectual . . .

    Me neever, which is why I didn’t say that (dot com).

  11. I would have thought BBCbiased proved quite influential. There certainly wasn’t much talk on the subject before. But their documenting the instances got into the mainstream. Don’t think people thought about it until they got confronted with it. Wasn’t it BBCb first talked about “people of no appearance” in news stories? That’s gone so far now, it’s a topic of conversation every time they do it.

  12. Bloke In T'Yorkshire

    Old Holborn was another great blog back in t’day before moving over to Twatter whence he then became a prolific shitposter.
    Altho, sadly departed now.

    Some of the best banter can now be found with @BurnsideNotTosh and @MarchersMedia

  13. Ineffectual? Really not sure about that at all.

    Didn’t the Expenses Scandal start with a blogger? Rachel something?

    Over 100 MPs decided not to stand. Pretty bloody major effect.

  14. I would have thought BBCbiased proved quite influential.

    BBC still there, still funded by fascist force, still Guardiansta biased, still influential across the world.

    I’m not saying blogs had no effect; I’m saying blogs had no significant effect. Mostly.

  15. Didn’t the Expenses Scandal start with a blogger? Rachel something?
    Over 100 MPs decided not to stand. Pretty bloody major effect.

    I wonder if Ms Rachel Something thinks parliament is significantly improved since her breaking news . . .

  16. PJF – I am less pessimistic than you, perhaps. I think the bloggers had great influence in many ways. Some still do.

    The internet has since been consolidated, strangled, neutered and turned into an engine for delivering advertiser-friendly “content” and adverts for teetus deletus gender surgery to your teenage daughter.

    Sad, but if those thousand flowers had not bloomed, how much poorer would we be?

    I’m not sure what we were expecting when Parliament got to decide on what punishments Parliament should face after being found to have egregiously extricated the micture. Falling on their swords to preserve the family honour? Ritualistically flagellating themselves with rolled up broadsheets: mea maxima cunta?

    Oliver Cromwell knew what to do with a rotten Parliament, and guess what? His statue is guarded by a lion.

    Good, intit? Our password should be: Thundercats.

  17. I am less pessimistic than you, perhaps.

    It seems to vary, Steve; perhaps we’re both cyclothymic but out of phase.

    However, my comments about the blogosphere should not be taken as general pessimism. I’m fairly optimistic about sanity prevailing in the West (eventually). I think there’s a big sink of common sense that the freakstremists are thrashing against. I think the blogs, and the other expressive forms, are symptoms of resistance rather than causes. It doesn’t matter that the blogosphere was sidelined by the changing business model of the internet, the information counterforce is still there, still getting through.

  18. Don’t really know much about the blogosphere, but I did like the tale of those young ladies identifying as cats when their idiot teacher began pushing the trans rubbish.

    So at least the internet still allows some hate speech to get through.

  19. “There were still people living in prefabs in the 70s”

    Here people still are living in prefabs in one street. I believe they’re Grade 2 listed.

  20. “Anyway, I’m deeply disappointed in the Armchair General thus far, precisely zero “fucks” to be seen.”

    Fear not, I’m just easing myself into it! The next one’s probably going to involve Grant Schapps, so there’s no way that swearing won’t be evident there!

    BiS: I fear that the whirling blades of the Cessna may have been Mr Eugenides. Alas, the poor little Greek boy moved to Korea and went all respectable. The Snob has also ceased. The Appalling Strangeness is dead (at a tragically young age).

    There used to be a big knot of quality bloggers in Edinburgh: myself (of course!), Adam Hill, the Pedant-General, the aforementioned Snob. All have gone astray, alas.

    Anyway, I’m just flexing my writing muscles, but there’s a lot of swearing to be done…


    P.S. Thanks to my gracious host for the plug, and thanks to those who have already signed up. It’s going to be a fun ride!

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