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Elephants can write now

….my year reporting on abortion while pregnant

7 thoughts on “Elephants can write now”

  1. That progressive programme in full:

    * Kill your children
    * Contracept your children
    * Trans your children
    * Replace your children
    * Impoverish your children
    * Frighten your children
    * Shame your children

    I’m starting to suspect these people hate our children.

  2. “I’ve driven across America’s varied terrain as a reporter throughout this tidal wave, bearing witness to a monumental assault on women’s rights.”

    Is that when the Supreme Court said they would allow it to be a matter for democratic decision?

  3. Steve

    I find myself chuckling but more ruefully than anything at that truest of true statements!

    You forgot

    – molest your children (although trans might cover that)

    – still- apparently Ukraine is winning the war and the ‘Conservatives’ are thinking of sending out free Prise flags to everyone to replace the ones Lozza Fox burned- every cloud and so on..

  4. What this bimbo fails to realize is that tens of millions of women voted for the laws she decrys.

    The echo chamber is strong in this one. Mainly inside her head.

  5. reporting on abortion while pregnant

    Abortions while not pregnant are a complete waste of time and money despite the assertions of certain individuals towards the lunatic fringes of TikTok.

  6. Van_Patten – You know, I just had a horrifying thought:

    There must be a Western NGO or twelve working eagerly to ensure that, in this time of crisis and death and terrifyingly rapid depopulation and whatnot, Ukrainian women can still have abortions.

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