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Err, yes?

Husband ‘drugged wife nightly so 51 men could rape her without her knowledge’

She has filed for divorce.

Given that he’s going to be in prison for the rest of his life, at least, that might not be entirely sensible. Don’t divorce and then take all the money, not just half of it.

16 thoughts on “Err, yes?”

  1. A French husband drugged his unsuspecting wife nightly in their house in Provence and invited at least 51 men to rape her over the course of a decade.

    The suspect known only as Dominique P, allegedly contacted the other men on an internet forum called “à son insu” (“without him/her knowing”) in which members discuss performing sexual acts on their unwitting, and thus non-consensual partners, often drugged.

    The masculine urge to eradicate the French.

  2. Given that he’s going to be in prison for the rest of his life, at least, that might not be entirely sensible. Don’t divorce and then take all the money, not just half of it.

    Maybe she’s going to spend it all now, and then get the divorce. His earning potential has drastically reduced, after all.

  3. Prescription drug? And the GP doled out 3,000 + pills, and the pharmacist didn’t remark, and the carte vital system never raised a warning flag.
    That’s France for you.

  4. I don’t mean to be rude but the couple had been married for more than 50 years so she had to be in her late 60s, probably older, by the time it all ended.

    A bit of a niche market?

  5. John. One should never ever be surprised at what appeals to the intellect that resides in men’s nether garments. (Particuarly – although possibly not in this case – when it’s wearing beer goggles)

  6. Bis

    No. I don’t care how strong the beer goggles might be. Getting it on with granny should not an an option

    (Thinks carefully then deletes reference to leaders of prominent European nations).

  7. Getting it on with granny should not an an option
    Only if it’s not known where she’s buried.

  8. @John – this is the filthy Frenchies, there’s no end to their depravity. If it was the Krauts on the other hand, they’d be queuing up to fuck the guy’s Alsatian.

  9. Speaking of drugs, what can one make of someone capable of this level of analysis?

    So, again excepting the wealthy and high earners, pay in this country has not and as a matter of fact could not have driven inflation, and nor can it do so for a long time to come because most wage earners have neither the income or savings to force prices up.

    So why have we got inflation? The answer is that we reopened after Covid too quickly, resulting in those with wealth seeking to spend on high-ticket items when supply chains to the UK and within it were disrupted.

    That pushed prices for some goods and services up for a while. Cars were impacted heavily. So was the cost of new kitchens and building work in general. That situation is, however, now long gone.

    In the place of this short-term, and entirely self-correcting inflation, there has come inflation from another source. That is the inflation that has come as a result of war in Ukraine.

    But, again, and quite remarkably, most of that inflation has now gone. Wholesale food and shipping prices have now returned to pre-war levels. Gas and petrol prices have fallen drastically from their peak. The underlying causes of price war-based rises have now gone.

    But inflation has not. There must be other reasons for that. There are, actually, three.

    The first is Brexit. It has created continuing supply chain disruptions and has imposed considerable extra costs that are fuelling continued inflation. This fact cannot be avoided.

    Second, there is profiteering. Banks, oil companies and many companies in food supply chains are very clearly increasing their absolute levels of profit, and their profit rates. This is not true for all companies, but it is for many.

    The third reason for inflation is that the Bank of England has pushed up the cost of money, and is clearly intent on continuing to do so. This is seriously inflationary, in itself. That needs explanation.

    Notice no posts on him for 5 days Tim. The Ashes taking up time or fish in a barrel?

  10. Indeed I am wondering whether he is actually off the substances he has been prescribed?

    But it is also more than that. It is also about a war of ideas. It is about these people defending neoliberalism and their belief that markets are supreme.

    It is also about the failure of the neoliberal view that only the wealthy matter.

    And it is about the end of the idea that so many economists hold dear that government should steer clear of the economy ( hence the idea of independent central banks) and let those who know about neoliberal economics get on with things.

    In amongst the wreckage of people’s lives, homes, futures, businesses and so much more we will, when all this is over, find the charred wreckage of neoliberalism and some academic economists and think tankers still yelling ‘if only we’d raised rates a bit more’.

    We could reject that neoliberalism and the class warfare inherent in it now.

    We could stop the reckless interest rate rises that cannot and will not ever stop inflation.

    We could end the fear that is tormenting people – as I heard so vividly on Radio 5 this morning when I was on live with Nicky Campbell.

    We could save jobs, businesses, homes and children’s security.

    We could even save lives.

    We could do all that by cutting interest rates.

    All that it would take for that to happen would be for people in power to understand that this inflation has not been caused by excess demand, but is caused by non-wage price pressure, and that the increase in the price of money is a big part of that pressure.

    We don’t need class warfare at all, then. We just need a belief that if only we put more pounds in people’s pockets, preferably with less carbon attached to them than ever before, then we can save the economy, and inflation will naturally fade away.

    But I fear I will not be listened to. The forces of economic warfare on the people of this country by the powers that be are assembling. And I am not sure what can stop them now

    Call for the nurse?

  11. VP
    There are people who really do believe in his Tinkerbell economics. Including, I suspect, many MPs.
    That’s his audience, and he goves them exactly what they want. If they close their eyes and strain like doing a shit then everything is possible. You can change sex, become a cat, fix inflation and lower housing prices (but not for those with houses). Getting laser powered electricity from moonbeams is just a bonus which the neo liberal establishment is preventing for their own profiteering.

  12. Theophrastus (2066)

    I find it difficult to believe she didn’t know what was happening to her. But, then, some women have an extraordinary ability to ‘compartmentalise’ their lives. I was once acquainted with a delightful young woman in the church choir, who was also an escort. (But then: “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” Luke 5:32)

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