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Fair dos here

A steely resolve concealed warmth and generosity. He would see his more impecunious clients, typically elderly women, outside office hours so that he did not have to charge them.

Sir Matthew Farrer, solicitor,

6 thoughts on “Fair dos here”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Bloody patriarchy. The UN’s right, women will never be treated equally with this sort of thing going on.

  2. Frugal and self-effacing – how untypical now of what used to be an honourable profession, and now one fewer decent and gentlemanly solicitor.

  3. My dad used to do much the same. He followed the same principle as pre-NHS doctors of charging what he thought his clients could afford; of course, solicitors are usually in a much better position to judge that.

    He always said that was why all his friends from university drove Mercedes while he was trundling around in a beaten-up Vauxhall Astra. Maybe if he’d had the Queen as a client it might have balanced things out. But I never heard a word said against him. (Well, there was one. There’s always one. He kept the letter. I found it while going through his things after he died. You could tell by the tone that the bloke was a knob.)

  4. The obits are the best part of the Times and the Telegraph. I have a suspicion that that may always have been true.

    What’s best in the Guardian? The football coverage? (Though they do manage to pollute it with politics rather a lot.)

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