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Got this wrong, haven’t they?

French chef mocked for ‘rustic’ £70 tart

Far too many words there.

French mocked

That’ll do. No, we don;t need a why or what for either.

6 thoughts on “Got this wrong, haven’t they?”

  1. Dennis, A Vast Reservior of Curiosity

    It’s behind a paywall. Is this about his new girlfriend, or what?

  2. The people who comment on food on social media might not know what the eff they are talking about….

  3. “A celebrity French pastry chef has provoked ridicule after charging £70 for a tart crudely topped with whole strawberries still attached to their leaves and stalks.”

    If you can flog a strawberry tart for £70, who is the fool here? If someone told me £70 for a tart, I’d assume it was the lovely Tatiana from Bucharest.

  4. Clever people the French. They’ve worked out that luxury brands sell in the modern world.
    Anecdotally I know 2 chinese-born ladies who have bought Louis Vuitton handbags in London then exchanged them for yuan in Shanghai less than a day later – the margins on the currency are negligible and your purchase doesn’t get checked by the currency control police at the airport.

    If only the Brits could sell some luxuries, like houses with a garden, paddock, servant annexe and a triple garage, you know like 1 house per acre stuff like we used to.

  5. I do have some considerable experience of French tarts. The edible kind. Used to buy one on Friday evenings. They were absolutely exquisite. Works of art. And delicious. And about half the price of the pseudo offerings in the UK.
    And eclairs. I took some over on a trip for an eclair fanatic in London. It was like a religious experience for her. She was in tears.
    I can’t help but notice that this French tart chez is in London & Paris. What did you expect? Brits are mugs & Paris is only located in France. There’s very little French about it. Ask the French.

  6. What will be important to les filles de Paris will being seen walking around with the bag with the shop’s name on. She will keep it to reuse when she’s shopped at LeClerk.

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