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A Spanish call centre forced staff to keep working despite a woman dying on the job in the office.

The woman, named only as Inma and reported to be 57 years old, told supervisors that she was feeling unwell at around midday on June 13 during her shift at a Madrid call centre owned by the Konecta group.

Despite receiving first aid and an ambulance crew being called to the office, she died of a heart attack shortly afterwards.

No, that’s not the amusement. This:

In a statement, Konecta said that the company had acted correctly in the emergency situation that took place.

“Support was provided to workers, offering them immediately the possibility of teleworking and psychological help,” said the spokesman.

Isn;tthat what they were doing? Teleworking?

6 thoughts on “Heh”

  1. Our client had one of their managers die on a night shift. One that we worked with regularly and closely.
    His subordinates were given the shift to go to his funeral.
    We were told it was a good opportunity to do some maintenance work on the machine.
    All companies treat their employees like disposable, replaceable assets.
    Treat your employer accordingly.

  2. I’d certainly find it disconcerting to suddenly have to work with a corpse in the room. But I can’t see that the company was being particularly unreasonable.

    They are, after all, providing a service. And paying the people working for them to do this. So I can’t see that they should have to shut everything down immediately.

    Evidently they finally began to adapt to the situation. And let people work elsewhere. They sound as poor at adapting to sudden events as I am.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    “All companies treat their employees like disposable, replaceable assets.
    Treat your employer accordingly.”

    Exactly. My attitude was that when it came to work the only person looking after the interests of me and my family was me.

  4. teleworking is Spanish for working from home – I guess it got badly translated to teleworking as opposing to working from home.

  5. “All companies treat their employees like disposable, replaceable assets…”

    That’s because they are.

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